Save the Dress!

Photography by TBBImages’ Photographer, Senia Maye

You finally found the dress! The dress! The one you had imagined since you were a little girl. What should you do to keep it in shape and keep it looking fresh before, during and after your wedding? Here are a few tips on how to keep your dress looking fantastic!

  • At least 2 weeks before your wedding you should have the dress pressed and padded.
  • Use common sense: keep it away from moisture and mud, lift the train when on dirty floors
  • Any questionable areas? Use plastic to cover these areas
  • If you do happen to spill on the dress be sure to treat stains as soon as possible so that the stain does not get worse.
  • It may seem perfect but consign your dress to a cleaner after the wedding. There may be perspiration or other stains you cannot see that the cleaner will be able to get out.
  • Tell the cleaner about any stains or spots that are on the dress.
  • If there is a tear, only mend it if you think the fabric can handle it. Most fabric is very delicate.
  • Store your dress carefully. Plastic bags tend to hold in humidity especially in high temperatures. Hangers tend to stretch organza, lace and marquisette.
  • A good investment to make is to buy a dust-proof hierloom box. This will help to preserve the beading, fabrics and reduces wrinkles.
  • Want to store it for sure and willing to make the investment? Then you should try the hermetic sealing. Your dress will be protected indefinitely.
  • Once you store your dress, you should only take it out on special occasions.

You waited so long to find the perfect dress, and you should do all you can to keep the dress in as prestine condition as possible. The dress in the above picture is by P Lawrence Bridal, with hair, makeup, and photography done by Tres Belle. As mentioned in a previous post, we mentioned that we are partnering with them in their in-home bridal consultation. Contact our Tres Belle team to help you protect your dress and plan a fantastic wedding.

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