Want the Bridal Glow?

Want a Bridal glow?
Photography by TBBImages’ Photographer, Elise Benjamin

Ever wonder why brides always seem to have a glow about them around their wedding? They have a glow when they get engaged and an even brighter glow on their wedding day. Love for their significant other causes the glow, but a with the right makeup it can be enhanced as well. Most brides dream of their wedding day since they were little girls, and they have a specific look that they want. Brides are searching online and using Pinterest to plan out their wedding day. Since you want a specific look for your wedding, then you should definitely schedule a trial with a makeup artist, because they are professionals and will have the latest tips to get you the look you want that will last all day. You can do your own makeup for your wedding if you want, but you need to make sure that you practice, practice, practice, and do research on what makeup will last for your day and what is really water proof.

On your wedding day, you do not need strong colors but you will need the right colors for your skin.  Sometimes brides think that they need tons and tons of makeup to have a sophisticated look, but most makeup professionals will tell you that it is not true. Makeup artists will choose the best colors that will help enhance your natural looks.  Should you choose to do your own makeup, you should try a mixture of pinks, sheer browns, golds and purples, also you can use lashes or liner to make your eyes pop in photographs. Some questions you should consider when determining your makeup look are:

  1. What style of look do you want? Trendy? Dramatic? Romantic? Natural?
  2. When is your wedding? Evening or Morning?
  3. Do you need to tan if you are having a summer wedding?
  4. What color is your dress?
  5. Is your hair going to be up or down or a half-do? Are you wearing any hairpieces or ornaments?
  6. What color is your hair and your skin?

You need to determine what makes you unique and accentuate those features. Makeup professionals tend to know what works best and can help you enhance your natural beauty on your wedding day.  You should consider using Tres Belle Beauty’s makeup and hair professionals to help you create your dream look.

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Assistant Planner and Coordinator|Barbara@TresBelleBeauty.com

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