Pro’s and Con’s of a Weekday Wedding – Part 2

  To continue our earlier post about the pro’s and con’s of a weekday wedding. This will be the con’s to having a weekday wedding. Con’s:  Taking off of Work – Weddings are an expensive for everyone as well as the couple.  Wedding guests can spend a good amount to attend the big day. This is … More Pro’s and Con’s of a Weekday Wedding – Part 2

Save the Dress!

You finally found the dress! The dress! The one you had imagined since you were a little girl. What should you do to keep it in shape and keep it looking fresh before, during and after your wedding? Here are a few tips on how to keep your dress looking fantastic! At least 2 weeks … More Save the Dress!

A Golden Reception

With thoughtful planning and communication you can create a night that each guest will remember for years to come. Below are 8 rules that will help your wedding and reception to go as smooth as possible. Details are the key to success. Think through everything and have a clear plan of how you want your … More A Golden Reception