Wedding Trends We Are Loving in 2021

After a long year of setbacks, looking forward to your 2021 wedding is an exciting time. Especially after our hectic year, it can be overwhelming keeping up with trends, nonetheless wedding ones! With trends constantly changing, it’s best to think of ways to add your own twist to an existing one.

In this post, we compile the latest trends and have you covered with wedding ideas as you plan your special day!

In 2020 and 2021, we are noticing a huge shift in traditional weddings that have opened up the wedding industry to exclusive personal and customized experiences. Literally nothing is out of the picture. 

Be Intentional

Photography: Ariana Tennyson

There was an obligatory increase of micro and intimate weddings in 2020 to fewer than 50 guests at most venues. It’s no surprise that such weddings will continue through 2021. An amazing benefit of micro and intimate weddings is more direct guest interactions with newlyweds. Also, such weddings allow couples to splurge on their wedding dreams, spend on additional accommodations (possibly a weekend wedding/destination wedding), or may lead some couples to save money, while creating private and cherished experiences for all of guests.

Monday is the New Saturday

Design and Planning: Tres Belle Weddings

Expect to see weekdays and Sundays become trendy as many 2020 couples rush to reschedule their wedding venue in 2021. With many venues booked until the end of 2021 and into 2022, most couples are looking to other days in the week to keep their venue. Choosing a weekday or a Sunday rather than the favored Saturday are actual perfect for those that are looking to save money. Most vendors tend to be booked on Saturdays and have availability on other days for which they may offer reduced pricing and packages.

Creative Floor Plans

Photography: The Style Co

It’s fair to say that 2020 took an unexpected turn and rocked us to the core. Despite it all, 2020 weddings got extremely creative, making unconventional seating a must-have for 2021 wedding couples. Expect to see the creativity of couples come alive as they are able to pick vintage seating or mix and match chairs, glassware/barware, tables and table settings. Couples may choose to select their own furniture and table settings in unconventional event spaces like restaurants, vacation homes, art galleries, etc. to display their personalities, while also creating a relaxing setting for their guests.

Let’s Go Outdoors!

Photography: Marc Babin

If you still want to go big in 2021, it’s likely that you’ll need to choose a venue that is outdoors. Key components of an outdoor wedding would be lighting, seating and shelter. Lighting such as fairy lights, bistro lighting, and candlelit provides an amazing atmosphere when the ceremony and reception space has to be completely created. You can use lighting to line an aisle, demark an entrance, or enhance a starry night during the reception. For more about lighting, check out this Brides Magazine article, 24 Unique Wedding Lighting Ideas.

You will be seeing a lot of outdoor weddings filled with twinkle lights. Outdoor tents are also a great way to create shelter for your guests so that they are not exposed to the elements (i.e.-sun wind, rain, etc.) as well as they can really provide an epic statement to your wedding day. For more about types of tents, we highly suggest this WeddingWire article, The 7 Wedding Tents You Need to Know.  

Thinking about your seating at an outdoor wedding is critical. If there’s no overhead shelter and your outdoor setting has direct sunlight, chances are that your guests will feel very uncomfortable sitting on basic white resin chairs. Consider your wedding theme in selecting seating as well as the environment. Consider chairs that have fabric pads or settees for alternate seating options. Also, while farm tables are totally trendy, select seating based on how long your guests are expected to stay seated if ordering wooden benches. A great alternative is to mix and match chairs for the visual appeal and consider padding for a comfortable guest experience.

Go Bold!

Photography: Ashley Sunderland Photography

Wedding design will only continue to get more bold and vibrant in color. Don’t expect these trends to go anywhere. Such bold statements are starting to replace traditional greenery and white arrangements. Also keeping in mind bigger budgets with smaller guest counts, couples will splurge to create magazine or Pinterest worthy settings. Event and Floral design will shift from traditional floral arrangements to elaborate photo stations and backdrops.

We are expecting to see a lot of pops of color, layering of colors, and bright hues in 2021. The Pantone Color Institute and Shutterstock released that Illuminating Yellow, Set Sail Champagne, Fortuna Gold, Tidewater Green, Marigold, Cerulean, Burnt Red-Orange, French Blue, Green Ash, Burnt Coral, Mint, Amethyst Orchid, Raspberry Sorbet, Inkwell, Fushia Fedora, and Adobe are a few of the colors they expect to see in 2021. Expect to see a year filled with optimistic, vibrate colors. Hooray to 2021!

Beautiful Branded Details

Collateral Design and Planning: Tres Belle Weddings, Photography: Andrea Salazar Photography


From Save the Date to, wedding signage, we have entered a new era of branded weddings. Stationary and signage are a perfect way to formally introduce a couple to their guests (and to the world!), from their engagement through the wedding and beyond. Couples can create their personal brand in stationary, while also providing their wedding with a consistent theme and color palette.  While it’s trendy to go bold or vibrant in your colors and decor, explore “you” as a couple and choose colors and materials (paper, seals, fonts, etc.) that uniquely identify and suit both of you. At Tres Belle Weddings, we have designers on staff that can help you bring your brand to fruition.

 Book A Wedding Planner Today!

Collateral Design and Planning: Tres Belle Weddings 

The pandemic brought a lot of uncertainty and forced many couples to cancel or reschedule their weddings. Those that had a wedding planner had someone that was able to advocate on their behalf to provide the best possible solutions during a very unpredictable time. Having a wedding planner gives you an ally that will guide you no matter what situation you are presented with. They will reschedule your venue and work with vendors to ensure you are safe if there is to be a change.  Planners also help with all the selections of a venue, lighting, seating, stationary, and much much more. At Tres Belle Weddings, we have planners that would be delighted to work with you as you navigate the trends and bring to life your dream wedding.

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