Sometimes You Just Need Cake…Well, Wedding Cake!

This blog post is for all of you out there with a sweet tooth and upcoming wedding!Wedding Cakes

Here are some tips and facts to help you plan for the “icing” on your wedding or your special event!

  • Shop around for bakers! Visit local bakeries, Google specialty cake shops near you, and always ask your friends, family and coworkers for recommendations.
  • Set up a consultation/cake tasting… or two.

Image result for cake tasting

  • Get all the facts from the baker: their menu of flavors and types of icing (and if they vary in price), years of experience, any specialties, cost, what they do if the cake gets ruined in transit, delivery & set-up fees, any additional equipment provided (cake toppers, cake cutting knife, cake stand, etc), and their refund policy.

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  • When ordering the amount of cake, order about 25% LESS servings than the number of guests invited. Studies show that about 25% of guests do not eat the wedding cake.
  • In the past decade, cakes have become a big part of decoration. The cake is just for show! Meaning, the cake on display in the reception hall is NOT REAL! Knowing this fact, and requesting a “show cake” with a large sheet cake to serve guests, will save you a good chunk of change.
  • Don’t worry, though, show cakes are made to look like real cakes. Real icing (usually fondant) is used! AND actual cake can be placed in a particular section for you and your honey to cut into and serve each other.

Image result for cutting into a faux cake
As you can see… a part of this cake looks different. The uncolored portion is the only part of this cake that is real!

  • The anniversary tier tradition has been proven not to be so tasty. Ask your baker if you could get a gift certificate instead for your 1st year anniversary cake.
  • Wait! I don’t want an actual wedding cake! Well, don’t worry! There are plenty of sweet options! Check out Pinterest  and the options below:

Great Alternative for the Traditional Wedding Cakes:

Image result for wedding cupcakes

Cupcakes (good for those who do not like a lot of icing)


Image result for belgian waffle wedding cake

Tiered pies- for the cake haters

Image result for wedding cookie assortment



Image result for wedding cookie assortment


Image result for wedding cake pops

Wedding Cake Pops

Written by:

Angela Patarozzi

Administrator and Assistant Planner

Tres Belle Weddings and Special Events

2017 Winter/Spring Wedding Expos

Did you know that about 30% of engagements occur in the month of December? Did you know that majority of weddings occur in the months of June, August or September?

If you fall under those statistics, then by February, you are probably in the wedding planning stage. You’ve probably have been immersed in pinning and absorbing tons of tips from a multitude of websites and magazines.

woman holding hands on her neck and forehead

What if there was a way to actually meet the professionals in your own area and see samples of their work to help your planning process go so much smoother? Well, it sounds like you need to go to Wedding Expos!

Never fear! Wedding and Bridal Expos/Showcases are happening in the DMV area! These are events in which you can meet the vendors and see samples of their work, so that you may choose them to be involved in your wedding. There are caterers, planners, floral designers, and the like.

Here a few you may want to check out in the next couple of months!

Feb 19, 2017
Bridal Expo hosted by Country Club at Woodmore
12320 Pleasant Prospect Road
Mitchellville, MD 20721
12-4 PM
All prospective brides please RSVP to Tasman Winston, the Director of Catering at

The Elite Wedding Expo – Carroll County
Carroll County Agricultural Center
Shipley Arena, 706 Agriculture Center Dr.
Westminster, MD 21157
12-4 PM
$7 pre-register online / $10 at the door
more info at:

Feb 24, 2017
Turf Valley’s 37th Annual Wedding Extravaganza
Turf Valley
2700 Turf Valley Road
Ellicott City, MD
$25 per person
more info at:

Feb 25, 2017
Fort Belvoir Officers’ Club on the Potomac-Wedding Fair and Bridal Show
5500 Schultz Circle
Bldg. 20
Fort Belvoir, VA, DC 22060
11:00 am-2:00 pm
$10 per person
more info at


March 12, 2017
The Elite Wedding Expo- Howard County
Gary J. Arthur Community Center
2400 State Route 97
Cooksville, MD
$7 pre-register online / $10 at the door
more info at:

March 26, 2017
2nd Annual Bridal Fantasy in Frederick, MD
Hampton Inn,
5311 Buckeystown Pike
Frederick , MD 21704
FREE advance admission/$10 at the door
For more info and FREE tickets:

April 2, 2017
The A Bridal Show in Reston, VA
Bechtel Conference Center,
1801 Alexander Bell Drive
Reston , VA 20191
Advanced Tickets are $17.00 / Tickets are $25 at the door
for more info and tickets:

Weddings & Event Showcase at Historic Oakland
Historic Oakland
5430 Vantage Point Road
Columbia, MD 21044
$5 in advance/$10 at the door
for more info and tickets:

April 9, 2017
Washington Wedding Experience
Dulles Expo Center,
4320 Chantilly Shopping Center
Chantilly , VA 20151
for more info:

These are just a short list of what is happening in the DMV area. Please visit the following sites for more events:

Happy Planning!









Did You Just Say Yes?!!

Congratulations and welcome to the planning of your wedding!!!

Engagement Ring Picture

Engagement Photo of Marleny Rodriguez (Tres Belle’s Cosmetologist) and Ian Chung (Tres Belle’s Marketing Advisor)


Let’s Keep Calm and Carry On with planning your wedding!

Thanks to fellow Blogger, Melanie Pinola, she writes tips on what past brides and wedding planners wish they could pass on to the “newly-engaged”:

1. You are going to disagree with, or offend Someone (And that’s ok!) during the planning of your wedding and maybe even during your wedding.

  • As Melanie’s mentions in her blog post, “Try to strike that delicate balance between knowing the wedding isn’t just about you and knowing that it is, in the end, your day.”

2. Guess What’s Just as Bad as Being Bridezilla? Being Indecisive!

  • One of the biggest reasons that brides are indecisive is the belief that they will actually be able to please everyone. You can’t please everyone or be perfect, so make decisions! And, keep in mind that by making timely decisions, you may avoid additional expenses.

3.  Splurge on the Most Important Things

  • A couple of years ago, a couple who really wanted a horse and carriage to complete their Cinderella-themed wedding ran into budget constraints. Well, we took the pumpkin budget and rolled with it until a carriage was ready and waiting. By focusing on the couple’s most important desire and reallocating the money that would have been spent on temporary indulgences, that money brought the couple a timeless memory that will not soon be forgotten by anyone!
4. Vet Your Wedding Vendors As Thoroughly As Possible
  • Remember that this is your wedding so while it’s great to receive recommendations and deals, make certain that the vendors are catering to your needs and desires. Ask for prior client references.

5. Make Checklists, especially of Photographs You Want

  • There are just so many sources such as Pinterest and Instagram that provide tips, advice, and beautiful ideas. Consolidate ideas, pictures, and tips into checklists to prioritize for your wedding day. see tip 9.
6. Skip the Rituals That Don’t Really Matter to You
  • Melanie’s advice about skipping rituals that don’t matter to you or your guests is so important. Just remember that this is your wedding and while there are guidelines to assist in planning your special day, there are no requirements.
7. Take It Easy with the Wedding Registry
  • Enough said…Focus on the items that you will really use and choose registries where the most guests could actually shop/participate.
8. Plan for the Worst
  • Our business philosophy aligns with Melanie’s statement that you should “have a backup of everything possible.”  Have you thought about what you would do if there were a problem with the food, venue, transportation, etc.?  What if “Aunt Sally” has a medical emergency, the weather suddenly changed, or you spilled wine on your wedding dress?! What then? Have a backup plan! Our planners are experienced in resolving these and other unforeseen circumstances.
9.  step#1-Delegate. step#2-Delegate. step#3-Delegate.
  • Do you remember the advice that Melanie shared about checklists? Well, being in 2, 3, or more places at once to complete all the checklists that you’ve made is impossible so don’t forget to have a Task List to determine when each list is completed and by whom. You and your planner must delegate certain responsibilities to your wedding party, family, friends; and also decide how to communicate when delegated tasks are still incomplete, or have been checked off.
10. Don’t Break Your Ankle the Day Before Your Wedding
  • Please take care of yourself and don’t schedule dangerous, unfamiliar, or unusual activities shortly before your wedding. For example, think about scheduling chemical peels far in advance; certain peels or facials may cause skin irritations. Exploring adventure sports is great fun, however, you may want to postpone, especially first time experiences, until after the wedding to avoid injury. Lastly, as Melanie mentions in her blog post: “Seriously, take care of yourself and try not to stress. Your wedding day is going to be amazing…”
 So to the “Newly-Engaged”, one of the biggest tips that we can provide is to leave the fear behind, Tres Belle is here to provide you with professional and elegant design, planning, beauty, photography, and videography services for your special day! Transforming the “Newly-Engaged” into the “Newly-Wed” 1 tip at a time. We do!

Tres Belle Weddings and Special Events





Go Bold for Sickle Cell Awareness! Campaign

Hi Friends!

Did you know that almost 300,000 children are born every year with some form of sickle cell disease? Sickle Cell is a group of disorders that cause red blood cells to become misshapen and break down (Google reference). Sickle cell disease is a life-long illness. The severity of the disease varies widely from person to person, sometimes a person can even need certain organ transplants because of the disease. Sickle Cell Anemia can also cause crippling chronic pain.Tres Belle Weddings and Special Events, is encouraged that social media awareness has become an effective way to promote and support a variety of campaigns; and this September, we would like your support in bringing awareness to treatments, research and hope for a cure to sickle cell anemia.

Our Ask:

Post a selfie on your Facebook and social media feeds, wearing bold lipstick colors in support of Sickle Cell Awareness.#BoldLipsforSickleCell

The ribbon color for Sickle Cell Awareness is Purple, so consider a Bold lipstick, like MAC’s Sheen Supreme Lipstick-“Quite The Thing!

Additional Facts about our Campaign:

Team Lead-Makeup Artist of Tres Belle Weddings, Jasmine Dixon has a son named Isaiah who suffers daily with the affects of sickle cell anemia.

As Jasmine watches him grow into a wonderful and kind young man, his growth is slow and painful due to sickle cell anemia. Isaiah frequently suffers from pain that is so debilitating that he can barely walk at times from the pain and is constantly, medically treated. He recently had a “sickling crisis” and needed 3 blood transfusions in a week. Unfortunately, Isaiah’s sickle cell anemia is considered by most, to be one of the worst cases of the disease, but there’s always hope that with modern treatment, he’ll be able to lead a normal and healthy life.

On September 21st, Isaiah will turn 5 years old. He’s a bright young boy, who has a love for legos and his mother, Jasmine would love to provide him with a beautiful vacation at LegoWorld.

It would be a joy, if we could provide just a little support for Jasmine and Isaiah to go on a vacation that will take their minds off of his illness and for Isaiah, to just be a kid.

Support Isaiah’s Vacation by visiting:

Thank You to our friends and coworkers who have inspired this campaign.

Your Perfect Smile for Your Perfect Day

Your Perfect Smile for Your Perfect.revised pic

Your wedding day is a day to remember for a lifetime. Every detail from your floral arrangements to stunning hair and make-up must be perfect. Whether you’re the bride or the groom, you know that you will be the center of attention on your wedding day so why not make sure that you have the perfect smile for your perfect day? At My Tooth Center, we understand the importance of every detail of your wedding day, including your “picture perfect” smile!

Similar to booking wedding venues in advance, we recommend that you make an appointment with Dr. Rodriguez at My Tooth Center in advance to reduce the cost of last minute treatment and to ensure that your teeth are their brightest and most beautiful for your big day. Dr. Rodriguez will work closely with you and your future spouse to determine any treatments you may need before the big day and will develop a comprehensive dental plan aimed at perfecting your smile.

Whether you are walking down the aisle, making a toast or smiling for photographs, all eyes will be on you and your new spouse. The photos taken on your wedding day will last a lifetime, let My Tooth Center help you get the most out of your memorable day and photos!

On April 18, 2015 from 3-6 pm, learn more about My Tooth Center and Dr. Rodriguez by joining Tres Belle Weddings and Special Events for a day of complimentary beauty touch-ups, raffles, music, games, food and more!


by Dr. Alberth Rodriguez, D.D.S.

Planning Stress? Here are Ways to Handle It


People who have never planned a wedding do not understand the truly stressful nature of planning a wedding. What you are going through as a bride-to-be is completely normal and every bride goes through it. Every bride goes through some amount of stress because, come on: putting together your perfect wedding is definitely not an easy thing to do. So here are some few tips on how you can deal with the stress of planning your weddong and create the perfect wedding of your dreams.

  1. Clearly communicate with Everyone No matter what anyone says IT IS YOUR WEDDING and you need to speak up. If you do not like something that someone is suggesting you use in your wedding or wear to your wedding then voice your opinion. Be very clear on what you want, or more importantly what you don’t want. This will help you save lots of unnecessary stress in the months leading up to your big day!
  2. Be Realistic in Your Planning Since we were little girls, every woman has dreamed of her perfect wedding day since our first fairytale prince that stole our heart.Imagination is a wonderful place, but reality is a bit different that what we imagine. Hundreds of white doves flying around in a mass of thrown white rose petals is a beautiful site, but have you ever tried to mange that many doves or gather that many white rose petals? Be a little more realistic when it comes to your weddings. If you are getting married in a short amount of time then do not plan to do so many DIY projects because you really will not have the time. Plan a wedding that will be executed without adding onto your stress levels.
  3. Be sure to Delegate to Others Sure you are the bride and it is your wedding, but it would be impossible to handle it on your own and not go crazy, The best way to manage all that is to delegate some tasks out to others that you trust. Of course you can still take on as many tasks as you see fit, but remember not to take on too many.
  4. The Internet is Your Friend You can find all kinds of useful resources that will help you with planning your wedding. Twitter and Facebook are the two most commonly used social media sites to keep in contact with friends and family and to keep everyone up to date on your wedding progress. But there are loads of other sites such as Pinterest,,, and many others that offer tools for calenders and checklists for brides.
  5. Do Not Experiment When your wedding is getting closer do not experiment with a new hair color or hair style or the newest skin treatment. Try the new styles out way in advance to the wedding so that if things do not go the way you want them to, you have the time to fix them. Trying new styles and new treatments are what makes us unique but when it comes to your wedding day, you should make sure that you are not stuck with a treatment gone wrong or a bad haircut the day of your wedding.
  6. Take Time for Yourself So you are planning everything for you wedding, but did you make sure to plan some down time for you to relax? You will definitely need sometime to recharge and rejuvenate during all this craziness that is planning your wedding. Make sure to book a spa day to treat yourself, because you definitely deserve it. You may become overloaded and forget that you are actually the bride. You just need to take the time to remind yourself that you deserve to be pampered and not deal with all the stress for a day. My recommendation is on your spa day, turn off your phone and cut out all distractions from your relaxing day.
  7. Checklists are the Key You should have a checklist for each step of your planning process. This will help you in planning your wedding and be able to avoid any last minute stress and panic. Be sure to plan ahead! Are you leaving for your honeymon the night after your wedding or the next day? Then make sure that you have packed your bags before hand so that you wont have to deal with packing on your wedding night.

Written by: