Talking Florals with Morgan Creek

For most of our clients, one of the first things that would come to mind when planning a wedding or an event is flowers and decor.  Floral design is one of the most visible and intricate processes in wedding and event planning, and one field that careful attention to visual details can make a world of difference in transforming a space.  We interviewed one of Tres Belle’s talented Senior Floral designers, Morgan Creek, to get a feel for what she does on a day to day basis, what inspires her, and what advice she has for any aspiring designers.


Tell us a little bit about yourself

My name is Morgan Creek, born and raised in Annapolis Maryland. Growing up in Annapolis, being a peninsula, surrounded by water, I had no choice but to be out on the water. From being awarded Sailor of the Year, to getting my motor vessel license, to growing up spending almost every summer in the bay or at the pool, water was always my best friend. Graduating from Annapolis High School, with my Child Development Certification, I was off to start school in Pennsylvania, at Slippery Rock University, for Biology and Pre-Dental, but life had other plans. After finding out my father was sick with stage 4 Colon Cancer, I decided that I would keep my schooling local; at Anne Arundel Community College in Arnold, MD. Where I began to hope to pursue my Biology, and Dentistry education.
After my Dad’s passing, living with my mother, 2 sisters, and niece, I stopped my college career, to work full time and help at home with bills.
This year, I am proud to say that I am the Senior floral designer at Tres Belle, a full-time private nanny, I will be attending school for fire and EMT in September, and training to do my first half Iron Man.
Through all of life’s trials and tribulations, I am able to do everything I love, and I am so grateful and thankful, for God, and those He put in my life to help mold me into the woman I am today.

How long have you been in the floral design industry?

I’ve been working with florals for 7 years … I feel like I just learned how to design yesterday, and ever since I woke up I have rocketed from there!

How did you get into floral design?

It all started with me helping out at one of the local flower shops in Annapolis. On holidays through my Aunt’s connections, I was able to come in and help them deliver arrangements. One day, I was helping them deliver, I was asked if I wanted to work for them part-time, as “shop help”.
From years of cleaning buckets, answering phones, sweeping floors, for those, I looked up to, around me, when the goings got tough, and the pickings got slim, I was pulled to the designer table.
For events, the Floral Designers around me would make sample arrangements, and I was told to copy them. After years of sample arrangements one Valentine’s Day, I was called to produce a dozen rose arrangement and from those dozen roses, turned into mixed arrangements, those mixed arrangements turned into bridal shows, and bridal shows turned into full weddings, and baby showers, funerals, and SO MUCH MORE. I thought I was unstoppable!
For three years,  I was proud to serve as Manager in the very first floral shop that I worked at; where all I was hired to do was answer phones, and sweep floors. To be able to provide my neighborhood with flowers for every milestone of life has been amazing.
Having to make the decision to leave to start Fire School was a drastic change for me. The flower shop was my first job, where I learned how to communicate with customers, work a POS system, open and close a register, and overall manage a small business. I thought my Floral Career was over until I was introduced to Tres Belle.
Through a mutual friend, I was introduced to Roxanne Wilson, CEO of Tres Belle,  I was told that she needed a designer to design for events and I thought Wah Lahhhh, here’s my perfect opportunity to provide great floral services to another wonderful community, that will tie into my school schedule. Typically events are done on weekends, or nights when I’m not in school. Events are well planned for a specific date, giving me time to adjust in advance, for the date I am needed.
Tres Belle has been a God sent opportunity for me, and its entire team, needed to put on a “production” is AMAZING! It really takes a village to create a great event or wedding.

What is the most important aspect of floral design?

The most important aspect of floral design is knowing your reason … You design for many occasions … All occasions celebrate life, but at which stage are you celebrating for? The arrival of a new baby? The memorial of a loved one? A wedding? An anniversary? A “just because I love you?” A “just because I love me?” Flowers are to match one’s objective and energy… When creating a floral design, make sure it sets the mood for others around you. Appropriate floral design can speak without words.

Tell us how good floral design adds to a wedding or event

Good floral design adds to the energy of a wedding or an event. When I design with roses, red roses, in particular, I feel romantic energy. When I design using all white flowers, I feel the energy of peace and elegance. When I design with wildflowers and vibrant colors, I feel energized. Great floral design always sets the mood/vibe.

Do you have a favorite design you’ve done?

I don’t have a favorite design … My favorite all depends on how I feel at that designated time … I have a favorite flower, but to say I have a favorite design is a HUGE commitment because today I like the free-spirited nature of fresh-picked, arranged wildflowers, and tomorrow I could feel romantic and want the simplicity a gathering of roses … haha.

Any floral trends to watch for the upcoming year?

Greenery has been a HUGE floral trend for the past couple of years. The lax, and carefree look from greens is very popular. I would say the Pantone color, coral, has also been very popular. That mix between pink, and orange, that give us a Salmon colored look is absolutely trending. If you are keeping up with the Kardashians, who hands down ALWAYS have the BEST floral arrangements, flower walls, and then, of course, roses are ALWAYS the TREND.

Advice for people looking to get into floral design?

It’s not easy … A lot more effort has to be put into projecting an “effortless” and easy look. As a Manager, I had to understand the growing process as not all flowers are available during every season. I had to understand the cleaning of the flowers and how to process flowers; Believe it or not, roses don’t come dethroned or without imperfection. I had to learn that I can’t just put flowers in a vase and expect them to look good. You have to understand that floral designing is a skill, and you have to go through training as well as trial and error to get good at it.

Do you have a favorite flower?

My favorite flower is the Sunflower. Going back to energy, Sunflowers always give off a “Happy” and “Excited” energy. They are always smiling, and their colors, so bright, and bold are always going to set off great energy in a room,

What is your favorite part of working at Tres Belle?

My favorite part about working with Tres Belle is the sportsmanship. I am a floral designer, but when it comes to it I am also a barista; I can host bridal and bachelorette parties. I set up and take down events that have nothing to do with flowers, and that’s okay. Everyone here is versatile, and they are more than their job description. If I need help with flowers they’re here, and if our photographer ever needs models for a certain shoot, or if I need models to show off my bouquets, they are here. The many hats that everyone wears here are what makes me love it here so much more! They are GREAT !!!
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