Your Perfect Fall Garden Wedding: Part I

The autumn season can provide the perfect setting for a picturesque outdoor wedding. If you have a special outdoor location that is meaningful to you, or if you like the natural colors and lighting of nature to be integrated into your special day, the fall season can be a great option to complete your wedding vision. We would like offer a few helpful ideas on how best to create a memorable and enjoyable event. We invite you to contact our Planning Team to answer questions and assist you with designing and planning your fall wedding day!

Decorating the Backyard

What is the most pivotal piece of landscape in your space?

When staging an outdoor ceremony, consider placing seating in the direction that is the most visually scenic and appealing. This could be anything from the beauty of mountains to a grove of trees, or even facing seating in the back of the home or property at your venue.


  1. Use your selected view as a starting point to frame your entire space.
  2. If your ceremony is outside, an arbor or backdrop will instantly create an elegant focal point
  3. If a deck or porch is being incorporated into the ceremony or reception, be sure to work within the design of these spaces to create a unique and special atmosphere. You can drape tulle or satin along a railing, or hang floral at specific points on a banister.

Autumn Lights

Here is where your event can truly shine! Paper lanterns can be good a choice, and candles in an outdoor space are an excellent choice for a glowing romantic feel.

Fall Floral

For fall floral decoration, you can move beyond oranges and browns, and can also use reds, inspired by fall’s most aesthetically pleasing fruit, the cranberry. See how our floral designer, Lauren Weisinger can help you create the perfect fall-themed floral ensemble for your entire wedding!

These are just a few ideas to help inspire you for a fall or outdoor-themed wedding. Stay tuned–more ideas to come!

 ~Rhoda Dixon, Event Planner

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