Makeup Technique: Intricate Golden Hues for an Indian Wedding

As a makeup artist, we strive to honor our brides in any way that they choose to celebrate their wedding. Most brides ask me to keep their looks natural in appearance and I have to sometimes explain that the natural makeup has to be lot heavier than everyday makeup in order for the photos to reflect their look. Well, for the look that you’ll see in this post, I was not only able to provide an amazingly stunning look for this bride, but the bride encouraged strong bold colors for her look.

Sohini Sunderland is an Indian American bride that is to be wed on November 4, 2012. Sohini loves the artistry of makeup and appreciates the aesthetics of her Indian culture to incorporate strong bold colors into the various ceremonies and bridal showers that she will have throughout the year in celebration of her marriage.

I thoroughly enjoyed my makeup experience with Roxanne and her team. It is truly an awesome experience. The colors that were used were vibrant and went with the rest of my outfit and accessories very well. Everything put together was simply stunning. The golds and pinks that she used to create my look was very unique. Indian makeup might not be everyones specialty but Roxanne definitely knows what she is doing! I love the bold and bright colors that went into my look. Thanks again for the awesome job!  -Sohini Sunderland

The tip to creating this look is building vibrant eyes with the use of high pigment eye shadows (I love Urban Decay!) and then having a beautiful background of flawless skin (MAC face and body foundation is fabulous!).

Start with great exfoliation like Fresh! Rose Face Mask and then moisturizer as well as prime your face with MAC Prep + Prime serum, lotion, and lip conditioner. Conceal with a shade lighter than your own skin color (MAC Studio Finish goes on so smoothly!). Blend the spots concealed with a clean foundation brush completely and then apply foundation that matches your skin color.

A base for eyes can be your concealer or a primer for your eyes (MAC select coverup works great) and then build with gold tones by using  Maybelline’s Eye Studio Color Tattoo Eyeshadow-Bold Gold with NYX gold jumbo pencils (then have tons of different shades gold-cashmere, leopard, pure gold, gold), then find a nice brown shade your crease with a burnt red color for your outer lid (try MAC brown script eyeshadow). I love Sephora Collection’s Smoky Kohl Eyeliner with MAC Eye Kohl “Smolder” pencil  to run along the eye’s waterlines and then to line both bottom and top eye lids. Sephora’s black eye gel is also great and creating a beautifully bold black line after applying lashes to create a captivating look.

This was just such a fun look to create and our team is just excited to work on other bold and eye catching looks!

-Roxanne Wilson, Senior Makeup Artist

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