Your Perfect Fall Garden Wedding Part 2

We continue our series on inspiraton for designing a fall garden wedding with these unique recommendations.

   Elegant Atriums

For a perfect fall garden wedding, consider selecting a venue that is an enclosed atrium. These venues ensure that the execution of your event will not be altered by the weather. The enclosed space also creates an elegant, surreal effect, while not limiting the grandeur of outdoor natural lighting. Questions about which atrium in the DC metro area may be perfect for you, year-round? Our event planning team can provide you with the best recommendations to suit your style and accommodate your budget!

Keeping Your Guests Comfortable

  • If the outdoors is still the ideal option for you, be sure to have warm beverages available throughout your reception, such as tea and apple cider. These work well to keep guests warm while still being a distinct part of the fall theme.
  • Also, many outdoor tented receptions provide ” window walls” that are enclosures along the sides. These can keep the interior warm while not detracting from how you would like to decorate the space.

Incorporate Your Fall Theme in Your Wedding Invitations

Carry your fall theme into your wedding from the very beginning with your wedding stationary and invitations. This is a great opportunity to incorporate the beauty of the fall colors to your advantage! I’ve asked our wedding invitation designer, Hannah Stogsdill, to give us some ideas that brides might consider for their wedding stationary:

“I love it when couples choose to bring in the season’s colors to their wedding, and doing that with their invitations is a great way to stir anticipation in their guests. Typically, guests will receive the invitations a good seasons away from the upcoming date, so it can be a great opportunity to make a mark in their minds with a visual connection that is just beautiful and memorable.”

Take a look at some of Hannah’s favorites:

“There are so many ways to bring fall into your special day and not just with your invitations. Consider the small details that will be remembered. There are so many different elements for a fall garden during changing seasons that can really add a lovely touch: the fan/programs, the cake decoration, the candy bags for the candy buffet, and so on. These favors with leaf cut-out name labels are simple and easy to do and can also serve as your escort cards.”

“Sometimes the fall season really works with some couples’ rustic aesthetic, as in this wedding. I love how they used common wheat stalks to make an elegant centerpiece and candleholders!”

As you can tell, we’re really anticipating the fall season here at Tres Belle Beauty! So in light of the approaching change, we are offering a fall special on Day of Coordination wedding services.

For weddings scheduled in September through October 31st, you will receive $200 off our Day of Coordination rate. Please contact our event planning team for more details! Happy fall wedding planning!

Rhoda Dixon, Event Planner

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