The Floral Design Difference

We sat down with Tres Belle Beauty’s Floral Designer, Lauren Weisinger, to talk about what sets her apart from florists and other floral designers.

Our very own Lauren Weisinger! Photo credit: Peter Bang Photography

Is there one aspect of your service that you would like to highlight for clients right now?

I am committed to providing personalized attention.  The bride works with me to get exactly what she wants, as opposed to a floral shop/department that can only give a general idea of style and flowers they will use, with no guarantees about what you–the bride–will actually receive.

Photo credit: Kristen Leigh Photography

Why would a bride be well-served by your service?

I offer completely customizable floral designs and packages, personalized attention and care, and I always work within a bride’s budget. I execute a bride’s floral design vision from start to finish; my process consists of brainstorming, designing, budgeting, ordering, conditioning blooms, creating floral pieces, delivery and set up.

Additionally, in an instance where a bride is unsure of what she would like, I can work with her to help her develop a vision for flowers.

Photo credit: Carissa Gallo

What sets you apart within your industry?

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from the Maryland Institute, College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland. I have unique understanding of composition, color, proportion, and design cohesiveness.

I also work intently with clients in order to make their floral desires come to fruition.  I am committed to finding the best deals and freshest flowers possible.  I actively follow current wedding and floral trends and the latest design styles.  And I am continuously pursuing knowledge of flowers, how to care for each specific type of flower, and how to create unique and complicated designs. I love learning and will keep seeking and trying out different techniques within the floral industry.

Can you share something unique about you personally, and why you are in your industry?

The first wedding I did the flowers for was my best friend’s wedding. She had a DIY disaster that I needed to help rescue. The bride had ordered flowers online, but hadn’t made plans for them to be conditioned, cared for, or arranged. The blooms were just sitting in boxes when I arrived at her house the morning of the wedding. With the help of the bride’s family and other bridesmaids, I spent the hours before the wedding frantically stripping leaves and thorns off of stems, and doing what I thought looked best for each flower. We somehow pulled together beautiful (although admittedly not very professional) bridal bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, and reception centerpieces. I had no idea what I was doing, but I loved working with the flowers! After that, I began researching how to create floral designs correctly. That led me to designing wedding flowers casually for friends who were in need of floral help. A few years ago, I began working professionally, getting business by word of mouth. I have since sought an education specifically in floral design, and have enjoyed it very much!

Photo credit: Top left: Kristen Leigh Photography; top & bottom right: Tres Belle Beauty Photography; bottom left: Jennifer Hughes.

Is there a milestone you have reached that you would be comfortable sharing?

I recently finished my education with the American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD), recieving certificates in areas such as the history of floral design, elements and principles of design, floral mechanics and techniques, sympathy flowers, everyday floral designs, and flowers to wear and carry.

One more personal note about me is that I’m also a fine artist.  One of my specialties is ceramic art, and I recently built a ceramic studio in my backyard so that I can make pottery and tiles at home.

I’m an organic gardener; my husband and I built an urban garden in our small backyard last year.  This year it’s flourishing – currently harvesting beets, carrots, tomatoes (almost!), cucumbers, herbs, jalapeno peppers, and we’re about to harvest a gorgeous crop of garlic.  We also grow flowers, of course! Sunflowers, zinnias, poppies, sweat pea, coxcomb, and a beautiful mix of wildflowers. My favorite backyard plants are my three huge lavender plants, currently in bloom.

A glimpse of the Weisinger Garden, full with vegetables, floral beauties like these zinnias, cacti and succulents.

2 thoughts on “The Floral Design Difference

  1. Lauren truly does beautiful work with her floral designs! While I had only vague ideas of what I wanted for my wedding, she took my thoughts and created the perfect total package. Once she and I finished talking, I never had another worry. I’d recommmend her work to anyone!!!


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