An “Essential” Element to Your Special Event

Nowadays, essential oils are all the rage. Maybe a friend of yours works for an essential oil company or you see different “recipes” pop up on social media, chances are you’ve seen quite a bit about essential oils lately. From skincare to cooking, the possibilities are endless!

Today we are going to share 3 ways you can include essential oils into your special event preparations, as well as the day itself!

Remember, while essential oils can be fun, they are serious business. Make sure to do your research before using essential oils for a safe and successful experience :).



Planning your big day can be stressful. Deadlines and expectations fill your schedule. Either applied topically (with a carrier oil) or diffused, Frankincense and Lavender are amazing to help relax and ground you.


After long evenings of planning and a calendar full of appointments, you may be feeling a little tired or rundown. That’s where Wild Orange, Grapefruit, and Peppermint come into play. Once again, you can either diffuse or apply topically (with a carrier oil).


Bug Spray

With summer coming quickly, bugs are just as quick to make an appearance. Nothing makes an outdoor event more unpleasant than a constant barrage from bugs of all sorts. Using essential oils, create your own natural bug spray!

In a small, glass spray bottle, combine equal parts witch hazel & water. Add 16 drops of a “protective” blend (usually contains cinnamon or cloves), 5 drops peppermint, 5 drops lavender, 5 drops tea tree, and 5 drops lemongrass oil. Shake gently to combine oils ingredients and spray liberally on arms & legs.


We hope you enjoyed learning a little more about using essential oils to make your special day and preparations even more amazing!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Interested in making your event planning even more stress-free? Visit our website for information about our planning and day-of-coordination services!


Lauren H. – Organizational Manager for Tres Belle Weddings & Special Events

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