Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love!

Wedding favors are a wonderful way to thank your guests and give them something to remember your special day by. However, many couples are worried that their wedding favors will be either forgotten or thrown away. Here are some wedding favor ideas that your guests are sure to love!

Succulents (less than $5)

Succulents and cactus are among the hottest wedding favors. These plants are easy to care for and will bring color to your wedding and tables!


Candles (from $1)

Light up your guests’ night with some candles they can take home. Candle wedding favors often are considered the most romantic and will add an elegant touch to your wedding.

Stemless wine glass (from $2)

Encourage all your guest to raise a glass in your honor with these personalized stemless wine glasses. These glasses make for a classy gift that your guest will love.


Jars of Honey or Jam (from $2)

Sweeten up the night with some honey or jam for your guest to take home! Jars of honey or jam are the perfect thank-you presents for wedding guests. They both have long shelf lives and are such a sweet treat!

Playing cards (from $2)

Give your guest a winning hand with playing cards that matche your wedding theme!

Mason Jars (from $1)

Pretty and petite, mason jars are perfect for wedding favors. These versatile glasses can be used as part of your décor and then become beautiful wedding favors for your guests to take home. Fill them with fresh flowers, pictures, or sweet treats. The possibilities are endless when it comes to personalizing mason jars to fit your special event!


Votive Shot Glass Holders (from $1)

Another versatile wedding favor. Like the mason jar you can fill these up with treats, candles or leave them as is!


Amy H. – Planner for Tres Belle Weddings & Special Events


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