Real Wedding: Blooming Forest

Latrice and Joe’s indoor spring wedding in April involved beautiful blooms, rustic tree stumps, floating candles, and lots and lots of love.  Tres Belle helped create a gorgeous “Blooming Forest” atmosphere in the upper rooms of Pinstripes Georgetown, in Washington D.C. It was a beautiful spring day, and while the Japanese Cherry Blossoms were blooming around the tidal basin, Tres Belle had the opportunity to create an indoor atmosphere that paralleled that of the spring blooms outside.



I had the privilege of talking with the bride and groom about their experience in wedding planning and how their dream of a wedding came to life! Read along to hear what they had to say and to enjoy some gorgeous pictures from their magical day!

What was one of the biggest details that made your wedding so memorable? 

It was a combination of things coming together. You have an idea in your mind of what you want the day to look and be like, but until you get there and put it all together, you just hope everything works out. And it did! Between the weather, music,  photographer and the atmosphere that the decorations and flowers bring, it was all better than we imagined! There are 1,000 different components that all came together perfectly.



What was important to you both when choosing your venue?

We wanted to have a fun space that was part of an experience. Everyone has a church wedding , so this place really stood out to us. We wanted to be in a place where people could enjoy the area. Explore Georgetown and have a great weekend as a whole. Pinstripes Georgetown had a full service restaurant and bowling alley, which was very unique and made it the perfect venue for us!


Joe, what elements of your day were about your personality versus Latrice’s? 

The Paul Bunyan decor was my idea! Adding logs to the decor. Bacce ball and bowling for the guests to enjoy. She is much better at decorating but she did give me some say.



Latrice, what elements of your day were about your personality versus Joe’s?

Floral! I wanted lots and lot of flowers everywhere! I wanted everything to match but show our personalities at the same time. Everything really came together perfectly!



Joe, did you have any challenges that you want to share with future grooms? 

We had a few things that were personal to us that made me nervous. I was really nervous about writing my wife a song. had to think about it all day  because it wasn’t sung until after dinner. We also had a group dance and wrote our own vows. These things we very time consuming and guys might shy away because of fear; but it makes the day that much more passionate and personal. Others can feel the love between you two and it is so worth it! Those type of things create memories that lasts a lifetime.


Latrice, do you have any advice that you would like to share with future brides? 

Don’t sweat the small stuff! No one knows about the details but you. So if something doesn’t happen exactly as planned, don’t sweat it. I would also advise brides to start planning as soon as possible. Don’t wait until the last minute. Most importantly, have fun! Embrace the moment! You will argue along the way, but remember the purpose of the wedding- two becoming one and nothing is sweeter than that!


Any last words or feedback?

We are very visual people and there was so much anticipation to see it all come together. We loved the flowers. We had a unique style that Tres Belle Weddings was able to capture perfectly!




Written by Lauren Woo- admin and hair and makeup department lead

Cover photo, Photo credit: Mike Buscher Photography


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