A Golden Reception

Photography by TBBImages’ Photographer, Seth

With thoughtful planning and communication you can create a night that each guest will remember for years to come. Below are 8 rules that will help your wedding and reception to go as smooth as possible.

  1. Details are the key to success. Think through everything and have a clear plan of how you want your wedding reception to go. You must make sure to communicate your vision thoroughly to those involved in the planning process, this includes but is not limited to the caterer, planner, wedding party, parents etc. You should consider the schedule of how you want the event to go, and you should let everyone know how it should be done. The more planning done ahead of time the more time you have to relax and enjoy your wedding night.
  2. Choose the right music and entertainment. You should spend the right amount of time to pick the right DJ or playlist, because having the wrong music will kill the party faster than you think. Each bride has their own style and feel that they want for their wedding, you should pick a DJ that matches your style. The best DJs can read the crowd and be able to keep your guests happy and respect your wishes. Be specific about your wishes and any songs you do not want played at your wedding.
  3. Toasting Tips. The most convenient time for toasts is after the first course is served. While serving the first course, servers will be able to make sure that each guest has a drink for the toasts. It is also still early enough, as well, that you will be able to hold everyone’s attention. You may choose the order of toasts as you see fit, some choose for the best man to go first and some choose the bride’s father. Communication is key so that all people giving toasts know what order they will go in. There is someone in every family that likes to talk too long so make sure to let them know that toasts should be brief. Things that should be avoided are too many jokes, off-color jokes, “inside” jokes and too much personal information.
  4. Your first dance. Just after dinner is the best time for your first dance with your now significant other. This will also help kick off the party portion of your evening and help to keep the energy of your guests up.
  5. Delicious Food. The food does not have to be expensive or really fancy but it should taste great and meet all the dietary needs of your guests.
  6. Keeping the party going. Sometimes having a bar near the dance floor is a great way to keep guests happy and dancing all night long. People tend to always be around the bar during a wedding. By having a bar close to the dance floor, it would help the non-dancing guests be near the party people. A dance floor tends to be fuller if the bar is closer as it tends to provide a seamless way for dancers to get on and off the floor.
  7. Guest centered focus. You and the groom are the true hosts of your wedding and you should be a gracious host. Take some time during the night to go around and talk to your guests and get their perspective of your guests.
  8. Mood is set by the bride and groom. The mood of the newlyweds influences the entire wedding and it certainly affects the mood of the guests. If you are afraid that you will be stressed out about all the countless details then you should consider hiring an event planner, and even if it is just for the day-of your wedding to take some stress off your shoulders. It may seem like a lot, but it would be worth it if you were able to relax and enjoy your wedding. Our event planners at Tres Belle Weddings will come in at any stage of the planning to help take the stress off your shoulders and help you enjoy your wedding.

Written by:

picBarbara Frazier

Assistant Planner and Coordinator|Barbara@TresBelleBeauty.com


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