Tricks to Great Invitations


Everyone wants their invitations to be the best and for their guests to remember their invitations out of all the invitations they receive this wedding season. That will come with the design of the invitation. Below we have some tricks to help you with keeping your invitations organized and keeping the cost of your invitations down.

  • Use plain envelopes: your guests will most likely trash the envelopes rather than keep the envelopes. Your guests are probably more interested on what the invitation looks like than what the envelope looks like. The envelope may look nice but most people tend to trash the envelope as soon as they open it.
  • Order wisely from the stationer: Stationers tend to print in bulk batches of 25. You should be aware of this fact in your count and round up when you place your order.
  • Go green: Use bamboo, recycled, or organic cotton papers when you order your invitations. These even come in more color options than you would imagine and are eco-friendly. You do not need to include the inner piece of tissue paper since ink tends to bleed less often. If you have a website for your wedding you can have hotel information and maps on your wedding site.
  • Use fewer layers: The less layers you have the lower your costs will be. the heavier your invitation is the more the postage is going to cost. Bring the whole invitation, fully assembled to the post office to have it weighed so that you can get an estimate on how much it would cost to mail it.
  • Make a wedding website: You can put more wedding details on the site and use less paper, and the website will help you relay information such as hotel booking information, maps of wedding location, suggestions of things to do in the area, etc. There are tons of free sites out there to create your own wedding website, The Knot is a great tool to create your own wedding website as well as many others.
  • Number your response cards: This is a big thing we tell every bride whether they go with our services or not. This will help you to know who has responded and who have not and to know how many people have responded back. I learned this trick when I was helping to plan a after reception for my aunt and uncle in Georgia for our family to come see them since they got married up here in Maryland. We knew who to expect and who not to expect and it also helped to judge about how many people would probably show up without responding because thats how my family works.
  • Get addresses early: People are likely to change addresses and you should collect addresses before you collect the invites from the printer/invitation designer. I suggest you collect the addresses about 6 months in advance, but if there is someone whose address changes often, double check with them about their address before you send out the invitation to make sure the address is correct.
  • No email invites: The e-invites may seem like the cool eco-friendly thing to do but this is your wedding day. This is a once and a life time event and it deserves something of a bit bigger than an email to everyone in your contacts list. Plus, with the updates on how emails are filtering incoming mail your invite could unintentionally be sent to your guests’ Spam folder by mistake and they could never receive your invite which could cause some unnecessary drama before your big day.
  • Alter the Reply By date: Your friends may say they are on time, but there are some who are not. We all have those people in our life that we have to tell a different time to because they are always late to the meetings. You should put an earlier reply by date on your RSVPs so that you receive the RSVPs in time to get all the vendors the final counts two weeks before the big day and it will also be less stress for you.
  • Do Not write “and guest”: You know the people you will be sending your invites out to, so call those that you think will be bringing a plus one and ask for his or her name so that you can put it on the envelope.
  • Spell out every word: The only words that should not be spelled out are numbers, Dr., Mr., Mrs., and Ms., but every other word should be spelled out. Do not use the abbreviation for street, apartment, avenue or even the state name.
  • Stuff in Order: There is an order to stuffing the invitations. This was very helpful to find when I was stuffing my college invitations and the invitations to my wedding reception that I threw for my aunt and uncle. A helpful order would be with the card’s face up and then as follows: invitation, response card tucked under its own envelope’s flap, reception card and then other enclosures.
  • Always bring an extra wedding invitation to the wedding. You take so much time to make a fantastic invitation but then you never have one for photos and if you keep one for the day of the wedding, your photographer can take pictures of it that day so you can always have a picture of it and you will have an extra one also.

I hope these tricks are helpful to those of you that are looking at invitations currently and if you have any questions please feel free to contact the Tres Belle Invitation Design team or to schedule a consultation. Our designers are very knowledgeable and would love to sit down with you and go over more tips to help you have the best invitations for your wedding.

Written by:

PR Specialist, Blogger and Assistant PlannerĀ |BARBARA@TRESBELLEBEAUTY.COM

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