Meet the Team: Meena Ng

If you go to a wedding, you are sure to see a variety of signage. From chalkboards to mirrors, directing where to park, where the guestbook is, etc. Practically anything can be turned into directional or informational signage.

Who creates these pieces of work? What does the process look like? Today we get a chance to meet Meena Ng, Tres Belle’s Lead Signage/Invitational Designer.


How would you describe yourself? I’m pretty organized, creative, definitely introverted.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time? I like going to the gym, staying healthy, being active, hiking, and learning piano.

What first got you into signage and invitation design? I studied studio art in college and had an interest in the graphic design field. I designed chalkboards for a restaurant I worked at, and loved how creative it was. I love weddings and how beautiful they are. I was drawn to invitation design because invitations are unique and you get to showcase the couple. I enjoy having that connection to your collateral.


How would you describe your style of work? I honestly wouldn’t say I have a select style. I ask a client for a theme or an example, and work off of that. But I do like going towards a more modern design on an occasion.

What do you consider your favorite thing about signage/invitation design?  Being able to see something I created being used is one of the most rewarding things of being in this design field. In school the work you create doesn’t get used, but in this field it gets to be displayed at a wedding!

What is a memorable moment you’ve had while working in the wedding industry? Probably the first project I had when working at Tres Belle. It was at a beautiful venue in Virginia, and I was putting up the signage on easels and having them displayed all throughout the venue. It was my first time seeing my work being put up for everyone to see. It was so cool.


What can a client do to help you?

The most helpful thing is knowing exactly what you want. There are some people who need some guidance, which is fine (it’s part of the creative process). But it’s easiest and a smoother process if you know what you want.

What advice would you give an aspiring signage/invitation designer? Be creative! There’s so much room for different designs. I know a lot of people bounce off of what they see on the internet, and that’s fine because it’s inspired by what you see. But don’t be blocked off by cookie cutter designs, things you’ve set in stone. It’s really just about exploring areas of creativity!


I think we can all agree that signage and invitations bring a new, fun, and beautiful dimension to any event. Interested in invitations or signage for your special event? Check out our website for more information.


Lauren H. – Organizational Manager for Tres Belle Weddings & Special Events



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