Your Personal Engagement Season Roadmap!

Summer wedding season is coming quickly! Which means that we are in prime engagement season. Now is the time to plan your wedding. First up engagement photos and invitations!

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Photo by Kensington Palace

Taking your engagement photos should be the easiest ones you take. No dress to worry about or countless bridesmaids trying to get in focus. Just you are your partner taking the pictures to announce your upcoming nuptials.

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Photo by Vaughn Berry Photography

Find your best angles. Do you like his hand on your waist or in your hair? So many options. Keep the lines of communication open with your photographer and don’t be scared they are there for you! Also take some photos that you want to keep personal, photos that you want to hang in the house as a reminder of your love.

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Photo by Nyk + Cali Wedding Photographers

Now one of the most important parts of planning a wedding… the invitations. They inform your guest of important information of your special day. Meeting with an Invitation designer (like the ones at Tres Belle) is a major stress reliever. Finding the perfect templates and ways to include photos that are personal, so you can share your love with your guests.

Post 1

Sending out Invitations promptly will help you with guest count, food choice and even a “guest chosen” music playlist. These steps in the planning of your wedding are only preliminary but during your engagement season they are crucial so get ready, get set, GET STARTED.

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Interested in getting your engagement photos taken or invitations designed? Check out our website for more information and rates.

Kayla H. – Public Relations Specialist & Assistant Planner for Tres Belle Weddings & Special Events

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