Beyond the Wedding- Anniversary Pictures

When working with brides, one of the biggest complaints I hear is how much they love  their dream dress but they only get to wear it once! We have all heard of “Trash the dress”, right? It is where you wear your dress to an environment where it feels out of place. Such as the ocean, field or a farm and effectively ruin the dress by getting it wet, dirty, or, in extreme circumstances, tearing or destroying the garment.

While of course that can be very fun, it is not for everyone. Especially when you have just spent a good amount of your wedding budget on your gorgeous dress! I want to share with you another alternative. My name is Lauren Woo and this was my exact situation. I loved my dress, like really loved it! I couldn’t imagine destroying something that meant so much to me and carried so many cherished memories.


That is when I decided that we needed something special to do with my “Cinderella ballgown”. I started looking on Pinterest for ideas. However nothing really stuck out to me. Then finally after a lot of searching, I found a picture of a couple holding a picture frame of a picture of a picture. That sparked my imagination!


That is when it hit me!  Each year on our anniversary my husband and I would get dressed up in our “wedding attire”and take anniversary photos! Take a look at some of my favorites starting with our first year anniversary!


We spent our second anniversary in Charleston, South Carolina! And yes, I did bring my dress all the way down there from Maryland to get some awesome pictures! That made for one of the most memorable anniversaries to date!


Celebrating our 3rd anniversary at a state park.


We have now been married for 4 years and I see no sign of our tradition ending anytime soon!


It is really fun going to different locations and getting congratulated all over again. For all you grooms out there, it also helps relieve the pressure of that dreaded question, “What should we do for our anniversary”? This is something that we treasure and brings us such happiness. It reminds us of the best day of our lives and has created many adventures! I encourage you to try it and share your experience with us!

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