Meet the Photographer: Jonathan Gonzalez

“It’s an incredible honor to be part of that special day.”

Recently we got to chat with Jonathan Gonzalez, a member of Tres Belle’s photography team. Here are some samples of his photography, as well as a little about Jonathan and his passion.


How would you describe yourself?

While I take my job seriously, I do like to crack jokes and make people laugh.


How would you describe your photography style?

A cross between fine art and photo journalism. I like to incorporate romance, elegance, and artistic creativity to whatever I shoot.


What first got you into photography?

I had been interested in photography in college (I minored in photography). Through the process of my own wedding I realized that wedding photos were my true passion. It’s an incredible honor to be that part of that special day. I like using my artistic eye to show the beauty of the couple’s commitment.


What is your favorite thing about wedding photography?

Every part of the wedding day is special to me, like the moments between the father of the bride and the bride. I love capturing emotion and romance.


What is the most memorable moment you have of working in the wedding industry?

I was shooting a wedding where the father of the bride was very serious throughout the majority of the day. I couldn’t get him to smile, his personality was so serious. But then came the moment of the first dance with his daughter. He started sobbing, not for long, but just for a moment. Even though I didn’t connect with him like I wanted to, that moment during the dance made me realize how important weddings are. Moments like that help me not take my job for granted. It was a very beautiful moment between father and daughter.


What is the best thing a client can do for you?

Being in front of the camera can be intimidating, but having an engagement session with your wedding photographer can help build confidence and remind you to slow down in the midst of the busy wedding planning. It’s a chance to enjoy each other and relax. I love shooting the engagements because it’s a chance to get to know the couple a little bit more in depth ahead of time. The more I know the couple and their vision for the day, the better I can capture as much as possible on the wedding day.


What’s a tip you have for an aspiring photographer?

Try to find someone who you admire their work and see if they can mentor you. A mentor is very valuable. Also, just try to learn as much. Humble yourself. And always keep trying.


What are your hobbies in addition to photography?

I enjoy playing classical guitar, swimming, skiing, and sports. My wife and I love traveling and learning about and experiencing new cultures.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know more about Jonathan and his passion for photography!

Interested in photography for your upcoming event? Check out our website for more information.


Lauren H. – Organizational Manager for Tres Belle Weddings & Special Events

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