“I Must Have Flowers, Always, and Always” -Claude Monet

Like Monet… all brides MUST HAVE flowers at their wedding! Bouquets, boutonnieres, ceremony and reception décor always need a floral touch.

We would like to introduce Tres Belle’s newest Floral Designer

Wedding Bouquet designed by Maret, Tres Belle Floral Designer

Maret Gubisch!
She resides in Columbia, MD where she is married to her high school sweetheart, and enjoys time with her adorable 2 girls. She holds creativity dear to her heart. She loves nature, and enjoys bringing it inside for all to enjoy.



Angela: What’s your favorite way to express yourself creatively during your time off?
Maret: “Nature is my inspiration and calling in everything I do. I bring it inside whenever I can or create outside when possible. You may find me drying flowers and making wreaths, weaving flower crowns for myself and my girls, painting designs on my garden fence and constantly adding new moments of discovery to my home.”

Beautiful Flower Scenery

Do you consider yourself innovative? If so, how?
“My process if very organic when it comes to all things creative. My innovation happens in the moment and is inspired by the materials I am using. I have always had a knack for seeing and interpreting other peoples’ visions and executing them to the fullest potential. I see the whole picture and have the life experience to create beautiful, curated events, outragious, dramatic displays, or simple, unassuming details that truly transform a space, table or cozy corner”

When/how did you determine floral designing was your passion?
“As a visual manager for Anthropologie I hosted many events in which floral design was a huge part. I always cherished the opportunity to get off of the sales floor and spend a few hours arranging flowers for the surprise and delight of our customers. I am also known for throwing my own little gatherings at home where the decor and florals inspire oohs and ahhhs! from family and friends who have since asked me to assist in their events, weddings included.”



Image result for anthropologie
Anthropologie window showcase

What other jobs have you had that honed your designing skills?
“I have only held one career since graduating college and that is with Anthropologie. The company is driven by creativity, innovation, originality and beauty. I partnered every day with a display artist and together we created an environment for our customers beyond the every day shopping experience. In my rule I learned the principles of design, balance, editing and how to be entrepreneurial. Concurrently, I am great with a drill, know how to use a table saw and am comfortable attaching installation up on a 60 foot ladder! The most valuable skill, I think, I have picked up along the way is a global perspective–how to tell a complete story visually from a large scale display to the perfect fold of a blouse and how they work together.” 


What’s your favorite theme to design for?
“I am a true romantic and I’m drawn to drama and all things old. I love the combination of high and low–an elegant, elaborate collection of florals in a tarnished old vessel; fine china mixed with reclaimed wood. I cannot say one word to describe my aesthetic but have a very strong point of view!” 

Tres Belle designed garland

Explain your ideal “process” for a designing job. (Would you meet client face to face? If so, how often? What details would you absolutely need from the client? Would you prepare concrete samples or use another form [photoshop or something like that] to show the client?)
“I think open dialogue with pictures for inspiration is the best way to start. I have found that the best ideas come from true collaboration and an openness to listen to each others point of view. I want to see everything a bride has in her heart, even if the ideas compete, seem a bit crazy and/or are over the top. It is my job to take in all that information, pictures, ideas, and create a story for the bride. I would create an edited mood board (powerpoint) to show her what her ideas could look like. From the Pinterest boards, magazine tears and many, many conversations I would break down the event to simple categories starting with the most pivotal for decor–color. From there everything would stem and together we would create the wedding of her dreams.”

Tell our readers about the largest designing job you’ve had so far.
“Every day at Anthropologie is a design job. With a bit of inspiration, a small budget for materials and our creativity to guide us, me and my team were constantly challenged with executing new visions. Each season is like putting on the grandest wedding or event with every detail to consider. I think the design job that is closest to my heart is my own wedding–I was my own designer and enjoyed every aspect of the process.”

Tres Belle designed rose cake topper

What have you seen as the biggest trend in 2017 weddings?
A welcome return to simplicity! A nod to nature, local foods and flowers, ceremonies that are truly for the bride and groom. Now more than ever weddings can be customized and not reflect any trend but the individuality of those attending. I love being a part of something far from cookie cutter–I am driven by originality and intrigued by things I haven’t seen or done before.”

Week of 11 18 13
Tres Belle Floral Designs



You can find more information about Tres Belle’s Floral and Event Design offers and packages here.

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