Sometimes You Just Need Cake…Well, Wedding Cake!

This blog post is for all of you out there with a sweet tooth and upcoming wedding!Wedding Cakes

Here are some tips and facts to help you plan for the “icing” on your wedding or your special event!

  • Shop around for bakers! Visit local bakeries, Google specialty cake shops near you, and always ask your friends, family and coworkers for recommendations.
  • Set up a consultation/cake tasting… or two.

Image result for cake tasting

  • Get all the facts from the baker: their menu of flavors and types of icing (and if they vary in price), years of experience, any specialties, cost, what they do if the cake gets ruined in transit, delivery & set-up fees, any additional equipment provided (cake toppers, cake cutting knife, cake stand, etc), and their refund policy.

Image result for questions to ask at cake tasting

  • When ordering the amount of cake, order about 25% LESS servings than the number of guests invited. Studies show that about 25% of guests do not eat the wedding cake.
  • In the past decade, cakes have become a big part of decoration. The cake is just for show! Meaning, the cake on display in the reception hall is NOT REAL! Knowing this fact, and requesting a “show cake” with a large sheet cake to serve guests, will save you a good chunk of change.
  • Don’t worry, though, show cakes are made to look like real cakes. Real icing (usually fondant) is used! AND actual cake can be placed in a particular section for you and your honey to cut into and serve each other.

Image result for cutting into a faux cake
As you can see… a part of this cake looks different. The uncolored portion is the only part of this cake that is real!

  • The anniversary tier tradition has been proven not to be so tasty. Ask your baker if you could get a gift certificate instead for your 1st year anniversary cake.
  • Wait! I don’t want an actual wedding cake! Well, don’t worry! There are plenty of sweet options! Check out Pinterest  and the options below:

Great Alternative for the Traditional Wedding Cakes:

Image result for wedding cupcakes
Cupcakes (good for those who do not like a lot of icing)


Image result for belgian waffle wedding cake
Tiered pies- for the cake haters
Image result for wedding cookie assortment


Image result for wedding cookie assortment

Image result for wedding cake pops
Wedding Cake Pops

Written by:

Angela Patarozzi

Administrator and Assistant Planner

Tres Belle Weddings and Special Events

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