Say yes…to your health!

You said yes to your future, now say yes to looking your best!

As part of Tres Belle’s Vendor Spotlight collection of Blog posts, we look forward to introducing you to inspiring businesses to enhance your wedding day!  In this post, let’s catch up with Robert Wilson, Founder and CEO of 3 Step Fitness, who’s passion for personal training inspired his business.

3 Step Fitness offers various fitness programs but what’s Robert’s top service servicing? Well, we asked and it’s all about the Bridal Boot Camp. In thinking ahead to peak wedding season, 3 Step Fitness company is a Bride’s newest commitment!


Photo credit: 3 Step Fitness

We asked Robert to share more about his company and the Bridal Boot Camp:

1. What inspired you to open 3 step Fitness?

“After personal training for 4 years, I have developed the elements that go into a fitness program. This company works with aspiring trainers and creates jobs and opportunities. I want to fill the void that gyms leave unfulfilled.”

2. Why is the Bridal Boot Camp such a popular portion of your business?

“Bridal boot camp is one of our top services that we provide- this is a niche service to the wedding industry.”

The biggest misconception about bridal boot camp is that it’s just for the bride. You don’t have to do it alone. Grab your bridal party, future spouse, or future family and get ready for that wedding!

3. How different is a Bridal Boot Camp from a regular workout regime? 

“We try to customize our plans, with options to incorporate bridesmaids, spouse, and members of the family.”

 4. What’s the Ideal length of time before her wedding should a bride start bridal boot camp?

“We can create 30-day plan or a more time extensive plan. We can start the day after you say yes…The optimal time to start [her] journey to fitness was yesterday. It always is recommended to start sooner the better.  The more time you have the better you will be.”

 5. So, other than looking good at their wedding, why do you think brides are attracted to your bridal boot camp?

“We try to promote health and wellness day of–but, it helps health and wellness the days after”

Health and Wellness, sounds like a great component for brides to add to their checklist! Check out more at


Kayla Hicks

PR Specialist and Assistant Planner for Tres Belle Weddings and Special Events


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