Unique Bridesmaids Gifts

I know wedding season has come to the end officially but this is around the time when new brides start getting engaged and planning their upcoming weddings. New brides have already thought about who they want to be in their bridal party for a long time. The one thing brides tend to  not think about until closer to the wedding date are bridesmaid gifts. So I thought it would be fun to go ahead and post some unique ones for new brides so that they can already be thinking about them during their planning process. These are just a few of the fun unique ideas I have found and our brides have told us about that they have done for their bridesmaids.

  • Thank you necklace with initials and jewel that has color to match bridesmaid dress. bmgift1
  • Birchbox subscription for a yearbmgift2
  • Photobox with specialized gifts inside for your bridesmaids bmgift3
  • Robes to wear while getting ready bmgift4

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