Keep Calm and Wedding On!


So I know that a wedding can be very stressful. Trust me I know from a planning perspective. We have all seen David Tutera and some of the craziness that he has had to deal with and every bride thinks that they are not gonna be like those brides on TV. Every bride has their moments on the day of the wedding where they possibly stress out and worry too much.  So below I have a few steps on how you can keep calm on your wedding day.

  1. Do your normal regular routine. Rather it be yoga, bubble bath, or jogging. This will help you keep somethings normal while your stomach is doing flip-flops.
  2. You must eat breakfast. You need to eat something. I know that you think that you are not hungry, but you need to eat something.
  3. Always have an emergency kit. This will help you have a sense of security in case things go bad.
  4. Have a schedule or two or three, depending on how much of a planner you are. I know having a schedule will help you feel more at ease and relaxed.
  5. Leave on time. Stick to your schedule. Make sure everyone in your party is on time, and that you stay on track and stay on time. If you stay on time then you will definitely be able to relieve the stress of your day.
  6. Expect the unexpected. What can go wrong will go wrong. That is the golden rule of most weddings. I just wanted to go ahead and throw that out there and let you know it so that you are expecting it and its one less thing to be freaking out about.
  7. The last tip is either do it yourself or hire a planner to help you with your wedding. Sometimes its better to do things yourself cause you do not like other people and having to worry about other people. But if you worry about having to doing too much, then hiring a planner will help you with so much stress and will help ease you of the stress.

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