How to Fail as Maid of Honor


So my sister was recently a maid of honor in our good friend’s wedding and she was telling me all about her experience as a maid of honor. Since she could not be there for most of the showers, another friend stepped in to host and plan things and go dress shopping. One the day of the wedding my sister was telling me how the girls got the bride a gift together and the other girls got her the emergency kit. My sister said the only thing she really did as a maid of honor was pray with her. I got to thinking about the mistakes that other maids of honors may have made before and decided to research the topic.

  1. Get caught talking bad about the bride behind her back. You are suppose to be an extension of the bride and her best friend so you should not be bad mouthing her to anyone, not before or after the wedding.
  2. Show up drunk or hungover to any and all gatherings.
  3. Stirring up trouble between members of the bridal party or family members.
  4. Give a toast that goes too far. You may know a lot about the bride but there are some things that you just should keep to yourself.
  5. Over promise to do things and then under deliver.
  6. Leave the bride to herself on the big day cause you would rather not deal with the craziness of the day. Some MOHs have just left the brides to walk to the ceremony and deal with everything on her own.
  7. Leave bride to deal with problems on her own.

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