So Many Registries, So Little Time!


The one thing every bride knows is that there are so many bridal registries. Most brides already have stores in mind when they get engaged and what they want to register for. There are so many places that you can register these days. I have compiled a list of the best places from what our brides have told us. Register 5 – 8 months before your wedding you should register for your wedding, to make sure that your list is in place before your parties and showers. You should schedule an appointment with a consultant and it is a free service most department stores have.

  1. Bed, Bath and Beyond – this is really like a one stop shop for most brides who want the most basic housewares, linens, and linens and they are at reasonable prices.  One perk is a 10% completion discount  on gifts you did not receive, and sometimes you are eligible for free gifts when guests purchase your items.
  2. Bloomingdale’s – This is good for people who want more designer names like Kate, Ralph and Calvin. They have a cool tool called Set the Table and it allows you to match your china on a virtual table. There is also a 10% completion discount  for up to 6 months after to your wedding
  3. Crate & Barrel – Do you like more modern housewares and appliances? Then this is the place for you. 10% completion discount and free gifts on select items.
  4. Macy’s – It is the go-to department store and you can rack up on the reward dollars.

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