Letting Dear Old Dad have Some Part


So the major wedding season is coming to an end. This time of year is when couples tend to get engaged or newly engaged couples start to plan out their upcoming weddings. One big part of a wedding for a girl is to have her dad be a part of the wedding. To have your dad walk you down the aisle and give you away and then dance with you at the reception. But before any of those things happen you need to have your dad meet your special someone. Even though women always say that they do not need anyone’s approval, having their fathers approval actually is a big deal to them. If the two get along it will make the whole process go a lot smoother.

But of course this should not be the only way to involve your dad in the wedding. Below are 3 other ways to get him involved and not just monetarily.  For more ways to get your father involved with the wedding, you can always contact our company and talk to one of our experienced planners.

  1. Put him in charge of the spreadsheet. Is your father paying for some of the wedding and does he love spreadsheets and numbers? Why not ask him to manage your spreadsheet for you? This means you have to talk to him weekly and get his input.  
  2. Contest King.  Every woman knows that at bridal expos there are all kinds of giveaways. If your dad loves contests, you should let him be in charge of managing the contests and handling everything if you win.
  3. Website Master. Is your dad into IT? Does he like to make websites? Why not let him handle your wedding site? He would be able to see what is going on and you would have to give him any important updates on a regular basis.


Photo is credited to Ryan Flynn Photography.


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