Dramatic Backs are the Trend

Everyone woman has looked through a wedding magazine and looked at wedding dresses, and maybe even torn out a couple pages that you have loved out of the magazine (after you bought it of course). Even if you tell your friends you have never done it secretly, you go to the wedding section and look through the magazines. I have a friend who swears she never does it, but as I was helping her move out of college, I ran across her stash of wedding dresses she had taken out of magazines! I never told her I found them, but it proves my point we have all done this at some point.

I have always loved a dramatic back to a wedding dress, and I am in love that they are the trend right now with wedding dresses. It was so much fun to write this blog post because I got to look through tons of wedding dress pictures for 3 different dresses with dramatic backs. I tried to take a different approach to each one. The first one is one that I love it is sexy yet romantic with the lace. It is an Inbal Dror dress I found on Modwedding.com. The second one is more relaxed and sweet, and it is a Claire Pettibone on Swoonedmagazine.com. It makes me think of a country-style wedding. The third one has a sleek look and dramatic detail on the back. I do not know the designer of this dress but I found it on stylemepretty.com. With the second and third picture if you click on them you can see more pictures of the dress. If you click on the first dress then  it will take you to the site which discusses in more detail about the dress. I am not a dress person so I do not pretend to know all the answers about dresses. I just know what I like and what a few of my friends like.

  1. dramaticbackinbaldrorfrontofdressinbaldror

Claire Pettibone




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