Galia Lahav and Dramatic Backs



So to continue with the trend of the dramatic back I thought I would spotlight a wonderful designer I found through Galia Lahav. She was born in Russia and has 30 years experience designing dresses, giving her a long and deep knowledge of the design history. Her brand today is based in Tel-Aviv and specializes in jaw-dropping and sexy dresses gowns. Think of the the mermaid shape with trumpet hems and crystal and beaded embellishments and illusion panels. Her style reminds me of Jessica Rabbit and what she would wear to get married. So I agree with what has said. There is one downside to these amazing dresses. The price tag. Her gowns can range between $7,000 – $10,000. If you want more room or a more relaxed shape and less embellishment you can probably get some help with the price. The dress above is one of my personal favorites from the collection of the dresses on the website. I hope when I get married that I have the money to get one of these dresses.


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