Romantic Blush and Nude Theme

So a color scheme I had never thought about that is trending currently is blush and nude together. By adding the two you get a very soft and romantic look. I had never thought of adding the two together because they were always colors you added to other colors to make them softer. The picture below gives off such a soft and sweet feel to the wedding pictures that it would seem like these colors would make your day seem carefree and effortless. I have tried to find the person who put these pictures together to give them the credit they deserve, but to no luck sadly. If you happen across this, and they are your pictures please let me know, and I will gladly revise the blog to give you credit in the blog. The long dresses on the bridesmaids look stunning, and even though most bridesmaids dresses are short I think these colors work better if the dresses are longer. The ribbons on the bouquets pop just enough against the dresses for it to catch your eye and that is just enough detail that photographers and guests will notice. These are a great combination for spring and summer and maybe fall, but I am unsure if they would work in the winter.

blush and nude



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