Coral, Blue Country Vintage Theme

Vintage is one of the  most popular styles for a wedding now, and it one of the hardest themes to try to blog about. There are just so many different ways to try to approach a vintage theme. So I ran across the image below from Rustic Wedding Chic blog and I just knew I had found my inspiration for a vintage blog post. I am from the south and this touched my roots with is country-style look but it still had its charms of being sophisticated and stylish. If you click on the picture below you will be taken to their blog site and you will see more pictures from their amazing photo shoot of this wedding theme. They did an amazing job and all credit is due to them, I am just using the pictures to show that this is one way to do a country vintage look. The teacup as gifts are a genius way let guests know how much you appreciated them coming to your wedding. You may be thinking this could become very expensive, but if you go to yard sales and thrift stores and buy mix matching sets then you can follow another trend of not having everything matching. I do not know why but it is a trend to not have everything matching but it works well with the vintage themes. The spools of thread as the table numbers or place cards. Lace is a must have when it comes to vintage no matter what style of vintage. It can be incorporated on the table, on your dress or as pictured here on the floral design. Several brides have used it on their bouquets and to match the brides the grooms have their boutonnieres wrapped in lace as well.




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