Mint,Coral and Gold Color Theme

I have been looking on Pinterest at all the themes and Mint seems to be one that works well in any season and everyone loves it. I love this color and It looks so soft and romantic during spring and summer and it at a nice pop of color and glamour to fall and winter when things are starting to get a little more dreary.  The picture below comes from a blog called A blog by Coolaz Stubby Holders (you can click on the picture to go to the original article) , and I chose the picture below because coral and mint go so nicely together for the upcoming summer season and fall season of wedding and adding a touch of gold will make your wedding seem more glamorous. I love the Chevron stripes on the cake and those are a big trend according to some people on Pinterest that I saw. I also love how this picture did not leave out the groom and groomsmen and added a way for them to be included in the color scheme. The groom can have a mint tie and the groomsmen can have the coral ties or vice-versa. It is all up to you and how you want the colors to work together and that is why I love these three colors. They go so nicely together.




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