Centerpiece Tips and Tricks!


The centerpiece is the single most important design element in your reception design. It is the wow factor that will catch the eye of every guest that walks into your reception and take their seats. You can have centerpieces of different shapes and sizes, geometric, or more organic or tall or short, or a combination of these. You can add some non-floral elements such as candles, crystals, broaches, or ornaments to your centerpieces. These non-floral pieces add a contrast to the soft petals. If you want to skip the petals you can add the rustic lamps or books.


Here are some tips and tricks on getting the most out of your centerpieces:

  • Stick to your season: use blooming branches such as cherry blossoms or dogwood if you want a dramatic tall centerpiece, but these are only available for a short time in the spring. You can mimic this dreamy look with other flowers by talking with your florist.
  • Think about the fragrance: the guests will be eating close to the centerpieces so be careful not to have flowers with overpowering smells that will distract the guests from the food.
  • Have examples: do not give vague examples but be specific in what you want the florist could go many different way with soft pink and vintage.
  • Reuse ceremony bouquets: it is becoming a trend to reuse the bridesmaids bouquets as centerpieces. Throughout the reception they do not want to have to hold onto the bouquets and it would be such a shame to waste them, so why not reuse them as centerpieces.
  • See a trial run of entire table: this way if you do not like the way one thing looks you can change it before the big day, Also you get to see a small scale look of how your reception will look. Any reputable florist will be willing create a small sample centerpiece.
  • Be detail specific: make sure your contract is specific and list the exact flowers, vases, and other elements that will be in each arrangement.
  • Get a count: You will not need to know the exact number  of people that will be at your wedding but try to have an idea of how many tables you will have so that you can let your florist know how many centerpieces to make.
  • Decorate the other tables: The gift table, escort card table and cake table should all have a centerpiece as well. Even though guests will not be sitting at these tables they will be going to these tables and they should match the flow of the whole reception space.



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