Wedding Shower Help!


My sister recently called me and asked me for help in planning a wedding shower for a close friend of ours and that got me thinking on how many more people might have the same issue she was having. She was unsure on who to invite to the wedding shower. I decided to do some research on who should actually be invited and this is what I found and what people have told me.

  • Smaller may be better: Ask the person who is hosting the shower about the size of the space, not all of the females invited to the wedding have to be invited to the shower. The shower should be some of the the bride’s closest friends, some relatives if you want to invite any and some of the groom’s friends.
  • Be group savvy: if you are inviting people from work, then do not just invite a few invite everyone from that group it would be rude to invite just a couple. You can invite the boss but not the co-worker but never the co-workers and not the boss.
  • Be Co-Ed: It is okay to have a co-ed wedding shower. If the groom will be present he will need some guy friends to talk to and this will mean the gifts will be chosen with both the bride and groom in mind. This tends to help the groom feel more involved with the wedding rather than just sitting around and having the bride do everything.
  • Multiple parties: Some brides and grooms have families in different states where it would be hard for them to have one single party.

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