Accesories are the Key


All the small details do matter on the wedding day. All those sayings, something old, something borrowed, something new, something blue, can all be tied into your accessories. You can carefully choose pieces that will go with the look and feel of your wedding gown. Here are some of the most well known accessories.

  • netted cage veil: modern style that draws the eye to the neckline of your dress.
  • a hairpin: it can be a family heirloom or something you bought, you should have your hair gathered loosely so that the hairpin stays in place.
  • earrings: draws the attention the face to highlight the makeup and also the hairstyle, also if the dress has a high neck it draws the attention neckline of the dress also.
  • clutch: allows you to keep some essentials close on hand the day of your wedding, and you can glam things a bit more glam by buying a clutch with lace and beading on it to go with your dress.
  • shoes: every time you sit or lift your skirt someone will see your shoes so take sometime to pick the right shoes. A girl’s best friend is her shoes. These can sometimes be just as important as the dress to some brides.

These are just some of the accessories that we have seen our brides have on their wedding days. There are so many accessories out there for you to choose from, as with choosing your dress you can be inspired by many different things. So use those inspirations to help you narrow down which accessories to use. If you are in need of help, call on your friends and family to help you pick out which accessories that go with your dress.

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