Now It’s Time to Leave


Brides and Grooms seem to come up with such fun new creative ways to leave their ceremony or reception. Some couples are “sent off” with a petal toss, while others hop into a vintage car. Below, are some other fun ways to be “sent off”:

  • Bubbles – reminiscence of our childhoods, bubbles require any no cleanup and look great in photographs also (check out the photo above)
  • Confetti – for great party image, but note confetti will need to be cleaned up
  • Sparklers – looks great in nighttime pictures and reveres a “cool” couple image
  • Petals – an elegant and romantic touch with many petals tossed. consider a toss on a grass “send off” to help with decomposition or ask your venue coordinator on best place to stage the “send off” with a petal toss
  • Arch of swords/Saber Send Off- produces a formal military image, but looks great in pictures
  • Birdseed – greener option to rice and no cleanup required, depending on where it’s staged
  • Streamers – use streamers attached to wands and with the rught angle, they look amazing in pictures
  • Pom-poms – adds a splash of color to your exit, especially if you and your groom are football or college sweethearts
  • Glow Sticks – alternatives to sparklers and no cleanup required
  • Bells – attach a few bells on the end of a wand. according to some traditions, bells ward the “bad away” out of any day!

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