How Can I Choose Decor That Suits My Ceremony Venue?

Choosing Decor That Fits Your Venue| Tres Belle Weddings

By Barbara Frazier, PR Specialist/Blogger for Tres Belle

Ceremonies sites tend to be inside in keeping with the wedding traditions. However, indoor ceremonies occur in many different environments such as churches, ballrooms, synagogues, atriums, restaurants, inns and even in loft spaces. One of the key components of highlighting any space to transform your selected indoor ceremony site to fit your personality is decor!

Grand Ceremony Decor Ideas:

  • Adding columns or pedestals with spheres of flowers/candles to match the elegance of the space
  • Having a pop of color with chair covers to add a touch of modern to an older venue (if allowed). Arrange the seating in a clever way to get around those pesky immovable columns.
  • Grand chandeliers provide such elegance to a grand ceremony space so make sure to balance your decor with the venue’s chandeliers
  • Want a grand ceremony inspired by the great outdoors? Bring a touch of the outdoors by including willow branches and then add uplighting to the column bases to provide drama.

Formal Ceremony Decor Ideas:

  • Have floral and event designers help you accentuate venues to help incorporate your wedding with their venue’s atmosphere
  • To focus the attention on you and your groom, use staged lighting in the altar area.
  • With a dark venue site, additions of soft lighting will highlight the architectural masterpiece of your venue and adding some key lighting points in floral arrangements will help focus attention
  • Invitation designers create a personalized font and design from your Save The Dates to your Programs to tie in your formal venue theme to your guests
  • Think about the type of music accompaniment at your ceremony. A string trio provides a lovely formal setting for a formal wedding.

Church/Synagogue Ceremony Decor Ideas:

Make sure that your designers and wedding planners are aware of any church/synagogue restrictions on your decor choice

  • Most churches/synagogues allow you to hang wedding components from the pews/aisle space, so think about filling about such decor choices
  • As permissible, think about adding a wreath with your themed flowers and a bow to the front door of the church. This simple affect helps guide your guests to correct entrance.
  • Your floral and event designers may add floral arrangements to the altar to brighten up a church/synagogue that may have decor restrictions and pops of color to your ceremony
  • Ask your invitation designer to print programs on colored paper to add a pop of color and add your wedding color to the seats
  • Your bridal bouquet and your bridesmaids’ bouquets are a great way to add your unique touches to the venue if you cannot do much to the space because you and your bridesmaids will be holding them throughout the ceremony. So choose a floral designer and get creative!

If you would like some help in picking the right space for your ceremony whether it be an indoor, formal, church/synagogue, outdoor, rustic, cultural or even rooftop (Ah! See we did not even talk about some of those!), feel free to contact our wedding planners and designers using the form below or visit us at Wedding Planners are great at helping you determine which venue fits you and the style you want to portray on your wedding day.

Use this form to get in touch with our wedding planners, event designers, and floral designers. We would love to help you make your wedding picture perfect!

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