Let Them Eat Cake! Finding a Cake That Suits Your Taste

Finding a Cake That Suits Your Taste

Weddings are all about making a statement.  It is more than “Here comes the bride, all dressed in white.”  Weddings today, from invitation design to the sparklers on exit, represent a coming of age of sorts– the culmination of a lifetime of planning and dreams.

In this one day, this is not just a bride dressed in white (or ivory, or red), this is about a couple- two people celebrating who they are.  From the rustic DIY nuptials to an elaborate black tie affair, every detail speaks of who they are as individuals and who they are together.

For many, the dress serves as the focal point of the ceremony.  The star of the reception: the cake.

When your guests walk into your reception hall, the first thing they should notice is the cake.  Your dress is old news now.  Just like your dress and decor capture your personality, your cake should too, from the design all the way down to the flavors.

However, it seems so many wedding cakes are all… the same.  There’s only so much you can do with sponge cake and fondant.

Don’t be afraid to push the envelope.  Don’t be afraid to shop around.  Don’t be afraid to make a statement.

Here are five tips to making a statement with your cake.

1.  Pair Your Flavors

When choosing a cake, think of flavors that compliment your meal or even drink selection.  Going with a spicy Mexican food choice?  Look into Tres Leche or a cool citrus cake.   There’s a whole science behind the chemistry of taste, and some concoctions of molecular gastronomy will absolutely blow your mind.

Tip:  Before your first consultation with a baker, let them know what is on the menu or on tap at your reception.  Ask them if they can come up with unique flavor combinations to complement your meal.

2.  Fill her up!

If you are a plain vanilla kind of person, this is your chance to shine.  Dress up a plain cake with some exotic mousse, fruit, or even toffee bits to add that extra kick!  Keep in mind that this cake needs to be cut, sometimes into small pieces.  If the filling-to-cake ratio is too large (for instance one inch of cake is layered with whole strawberries) that cake is going to be a bear to serve.  Solve that by having the fruit sliced or using a mousse and topping the cake with whole fruit.

Tip:    If you have the opportunity to test a filled cake, ask your baker to cut it into a standard 2″ catering slice so you can see how the cake will hold up for your guests.

3.  Switch it up

Alternate layers or flavors/fillings within layers.  This can be a fun option to create a flavor combination as unique as you.  Again, pay attention to your flavor combinations (your baker can help you with this), but this could be the difference between plain chocolate and a ‘Funky Monkey’ (banana and peanut butter and chocolate cake layers with fudge, cheesecake, and mousse fillings).  Can you say, amazing?

Tip:  If you go very exotic with your cake, it may be wise to have a simple back up sheet cake or a groom’s cake.

4.  Bring Your Own Recipe

Does your Grandmother make an absolutely amazing red velvet cake that you have had every birthday since you were 1?  Many bakers offer the option to have a cake made using a recipe you bring.  Nothing speaks more to you than a tried-and-true cake recipe you and your family love.  (Not to mention, what a tribute to Grandma!)

Tip:  Let your baker know your intentions when you schedule your consultation.  Ask if you can try cakes that are similar to your recipe (in flavor profile or style).  Bring your recipe with you to the initial consultation.

5.  Go Naked!

Move aside cupcake cakes and cake pops! Naked cakes are the new craze.  Tired of boring butter cream and chewy fondant, many brides are opting for uncovered cakes.  This is the perfect fit for a rustic wedding, but also can be jazzed up for a formal affair.  Just check out Martha Stewart’s elegant ombre naked cake.  

Tip:  If you decide to go au naturale, experiment with color/flavor options that work for your event.  If a naked cake just isn’t for you, at least see about putting some flavor in that extra sugar coating.

The cake is the last piece of food your guests will taste.  Make a lasting impression by choosing a cake that captures ‘you.’

Written by Jessica, Event Planner and Day-of Coordinator for Tres Belle Weddings

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