Do I need a Wedding Planner and a Venue Coordinator?

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By Barbara Frazier, PR Specialist/Blogger for Tres Belle

“My venue provided me with a coordinator. Do I still need to hire a wedding planner?”

This is one of the questions brides may ask themselves.  Many venues offer a coordinator as part of the wedding package.  Hiring a wedding planner in addition can seem unnecessary.

Venue coordinators are helpful, but do they take the place of an actual wedding planner? Let’s look at the benefits of adding wedding planners to your team.

Venue Coordinators can be strong players on your wedding team.  Having informed venue coordinators helps venue employees (waiters, chefs, landscapers, hotel staff, cleaning crew, etc.) manage your ceremony/reception plans such as the cake delivery, catering coordination, band or DJ arrival, which is very pertinent to your wedding day.

However, their ability to manage all of the intricate details is limited.  Venue coordinators are ultimately responsible for the venue and its staff.  They may help you with a timeline and set-up, but at the same time, could be overseeing multiple events at once.

Will they have time to double check the set list/playlist with the DJ/MC to make sure that all your songs are played in the right order? Will venue coordinators take the time to place flowers on your cake as you desire?

Where will your grandmother sit so that she has the best view of her granddaughter getting married?   Who is going to make sure that Mom and Uncle Joe, who have not spoken in years, reunite during your wedding and end up spending the night reminiscing about the days of old? And, let’s not forget about making sure that your dancing shoes are perfectly placed to alleviate you from dancing in your heels all night long!

The perfect combination is when you have wedding planners that are thinking of you collaborating with venue coordinators to make your wedding “the priority” at the venue.

Wedding Planners are responsible for YOU, your family, and your guests. Throughout the entire day and for several months leading to your wedding, wedding planners create a comprehensive plan and timeline for the day that you want to happen, including all those little moments that you and your guests will remember forever.

Think of a wedding as perfectly orchestrated piece.  Wedding planners can work hand-in-hand with your venue coordinators to be sure that everything works the way you want it to. While the venue coordinators tend to the staff and anything needed within the venue, wedding planners will work with your various vendors and stay on top of all the little details of your day.


Venue Coordinators

  • Usually have a preferred vendors list (tip: some vendors may pay to advertise on this list)
  • May help coordinate your wedding for you, such as lining up the bridal party, handling the seating chart and coordinating with the different musicians
  • Manages venue employees
  • Ensures that the venue looks presentable on the date of the wedding
  • Possibly, coordinating multiple events at the same time of your event as they occur at the venue
  • Is not responsible for decorating or clean-up

Event Planner

  • Helps with planning all necessary components leading to the wedding
  • As applicable, reviews, negotiates and ensures the creation of vendor contracts
  • Helps you with the conceptual flow and vision of your wedding
  • Ensures that the design and vision of your wedding captures your dreams
  • Secures the hotel/lodging for your Guests
  • Refers you to an established vendor relationship network
  • Helps set-up and tear down
  • Works with your venue coordinator to be sure that the vision for your wedding is understood across the board
  • Serves as a point of contact for the venue coordinator if anything goes wrong


A venue coordinator and wedding planner team is the perfect 1-2 punch to make your wedding stress-free.

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