Music in the Ceremony


As you may have guessed I really love to talk about music. I did a couple of pieces earlier about music during the reception. This time I thought I would do something about the different types of music you would hear during the ceremony. As with the ceremony, this will be a relatively short piece. There are 4 basic types of music that you will hear during a ceremony, and below I will go over the 4 types. If you would like any help in planning the types of music or any suggestions on ways to incorporate more types of music in your ceremony, then feel free to contact our Tres Belle Planning team to help you.

  1. Classical: The songs that brides have been walking down the aisle to for years have been Pachelbel’s Canon in D Major and  Purcell’s “Trumpet Voluntarily.” I know I have heard Canon in D Major so many times I will sometimes catch myself humming it for no reason, because it is just that classic wedding song you hear at every wedding. Classical music is still the most popular choice for most brides when choosing music for their ceremonies.  After you are officially husband and wife you can chose something like Mendelssohn’s “Wedding March” or Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy.”
  2. Contemporary: The more trendy choice these days for brides is to choose songs right off of their iPods. If you are asking a band to play for your reception you could ask a few members to play during your ceremony as well. You should check with your venue to make sure about the kind of music you can play during your ceremony, because there are certain venues, like churches, that are specific about the types of music that cannot be played.
  3. Cultural: If you are incorporating your culture in your wedding ceremony then you should make sure to use cultural music in your ceremony as well. This is would be things like the Indian sitar, Irish/Scottish bag pipes,, Greek mandolin, etc.
  4. Religious: As I mentioned earlier, if your ceremony is in a church or other religious location there is probably a restriction on the music that can be played. You are probably thinking that all of your music will be played on an old organ, but not all hymns and sacred music have to be played on an organ. You can ask your musician to play an instrumental piece and save the choir for your recessional.

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