The Name Game

name game

Should you take his last name or should you keep your name? That is a timeless question each bride will struggle with in their own way. Many brides today are choosing to keep their last names or hyphenate their last names together. Many brides are moving towards a more traditional wedding and choosing to take their husband’s last name.  If you decide to take on your husband’s last name, we have some helpful tips on where to start and how to go about the process of changing your last name.

  1. The officiant will submit your marriage license to the clerk of court after your wedding. Once you and your husband get the official marriage license in the mail, then you can start the process of changing your last name. If you do not get an official marriage license in the mail shortly after your wedding, then you should call the clerk’s office to check to make sure that it was filled.
  2. The next step is to fill out the form on the Social Security Administration website. Your social security number will stay the same but your name will change.  You can mail the application in to your local Social Security Administration office. Once you mail it you should receive a new card with in the next 10 business days.
  3. The next big step is to go to your local department of motor vehicles to change your last name. As always, bring every form of identification you have, especially your marriage license and new social security card.
  4. Thinking of opening a joint account or if you already have an account open with a bank, then you should go to your bank and change your name on all your accounts. Then, you should change your name on all your credit cards.

A few more suggestions of places where you should change your name:
– Employment Records
– Medical Records
– Auto Registration
– Insurance Policies
– Memberships
– Credit Ratings
– Passports

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