Top Wedding Do’s and Don’ts – Part 2


As there were several things you should consider for your wedding, there are multiple things you must remember not to do during your wedding.


  1. Guests should not be seated next to the band or DJ. This could make it hard for them to hear anything else.
  2. This is your day, and you should not forget to pamper yourself. You can have a spa day the day before with your mom and bridesmaids, just remember not to get a spray tan or any waxing done the day before.
  3. If you have step-parents, do not forget to involve them in the ceremony. It can be something small like a reading during the ceremony or a prayer at dinner.
  4. Do not forget about black and white and sepia tones when you are determining your pictures. These tones add an extra touch of elegance and romance to any photo.
  5. To help get your skin in shape for your wedding, do not forget to start 6 months prior to your wedding. This gives you time to practice your makeup and get the perfect look for your wedding.
  6. Don’t announce where you are registered on invitations, but you can have the hostess mention it at the shower. The best way to get the word around about where you are registered is through friends and family.
  7. Don’t waste time in getting to the reception. Have your bridal party pictures taken before the ceremony.
  8. Don’t forget to send your wedding officiant and your bridal party invitations. It may seem small but this will show you thought of them and they cannot say they did not know about your wedding.
  9. Don’t forget to stay off your cell phone during your wedding. Your bridal party and guests may be on their phones but you should consider not checking your Facebook and Twitter feeds. If you would like to update during the day, you can ask your maid of honor to help you.

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