Pro’s and Con’s of a Weekday Wedding – Part 1


The trend recently is that more couples are going for a weekday wedding over a traditional Saturday wedding. The main reason it seems that couples are choosing a weekday wedding is because it is less expensive than a Saturday wedding. Is finances really the only reason that brides are choosing weekday weddings? To make weighing up the benefits of a weekday wedding a little easier, we have some pros and the cons of having a weekday wedding.


  • Your Budget – The major pro is the cost.  Saturday is the preferred choice for most couples getting married, the cost of venues may be hiked up to 30% more than a weekday wedding. This means couples are unable to afford their dream venue.  Also, there are some venues that may put a minimum number of people who that are required to attend your wedding reception in order to be able to book the venue. 
  • More Choices – There are only 52 weekends in the year. Many of the popular venues can be booked out for the weekends up to a year or more in advance.  If you want to get married in a hurry or if you are a bit selective about where you want to hold your big day, you may only be able to choose a weekday. This is not necessarily as bad a thing that most couples think it might be. Several venues would prefer weekday weddings. This means they will be receiving business they would not be getting normally. 
  • Longer Celebrations – By choosing to hold your wedding on a Friday or a Monday, it allows you to hold a longer wedding celebration. Who would not welcome the opportunity to party longer?  Holding your wedding on Friday allows for all the excitement and commotion over before the weekend has even begun. If you have out of town guests, this could be an opportunity to have a relaxing weekend as a couple with friends and family celebrating being married.  On the other hand, you can build the excitement for your Monday wedding with exciting events to lead up to your wedding.

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