Candelabra Makeover

diy final_candelabra
Event and Floral Design by Tres Belle’s designer, Katrina Maye and Photography by TBBImages’ Photographer, Senia Maye

DIY: Candelabra Makeover

Out of all the candelabra’s I have come across, this was the best one for the best price. The only problem was that it was black, I needed silver. So instead of purchasing another option for a price out of my price range, it was cheaper just to spray paint it. See images and steps below on how to create the look you want for less.


  1. Latex Gloves
  2. Spray paint
  3. Pliers


  • Gather all materials needed

diy step 1_candelabra

  •  With your pliers, carefully remove all the jewels

diy step 2_candelabra

  • In an outdoor, safe environment, spray paint your candelabra in the color of your choice.

diy step 3_candelabra

  • Make sure to rotate your object until the entire object is completely spray painted.

diy step 4_candelabra

  • Follow steps 3-4 when spray painting the jewels. Make sure to flip the jewels over once one side is completely dried.

diy step 5_candelabra

  • With your pliers, carefully put the jewels back onto the candelabra.

diy step 6_candelabra

Simple as that!

Written by:

Katrina Maye, Event and Floral Designer/Event Planner I

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