How to Embellish Wine Glasses

diy final_embellishing
Event and Floral Design by Tres Belle’s designer, Katrina Maye

DIY: Embellishing Wine Glasses

Instead of purchasing glassware for table decorations, I used large wine glasses I already had in my house. I wanted to take the wine glasses a step further to make them stand out; my decoration of choice was rhinestones. Just by adding this simple touch, it took my ordinary wine glasses and turned them into decorative centerpieces. See images and steps below on how to create the look you want with found objects around your home.


  1. Hot glue gun
  2. Rhinestone
  3. Wne glass
  4. Scissors
  5. Toothpick


  • Gather all materials needed

diy step 1_embellishing

  • Cut the strip of rhinestone long enough to wrap around the wine glass.

diy step 2_embellishing

  • Approximately every inch, glue the rhinestone to the wine glassdiy step 3_embellishing
  • You’ve taken simple, plain wine glasses, and made some great additions to your decorations

diy step 4_embellishing

Simple as that!

Written by:

Katrina Maye, Event and Floral Designer/Event Planner I

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