How to have a Natural Look on your Wedding Day

Lauren's Make up Trial Airbrushing
Photography by TBBImages’ Director of Photography, Tati Daltro

One of the most common questions we hear from brides is:  “How do I look natural on my wedding day, but still photograph well?”  Every bride wants to look natural for their wedding, but to look natural you still need to wear a lot of makeup on your wedding day.

In the makeup world, this look is reffered to this as “a clean look.”  Achieving flawless and an even skin tone is the first step to achieving this look. Airbrush foundation is a fabulous way to do this and below are a few benefits of airbrush foundation.

  1. Water/tear/sweat resistant;
  2. Photographs beautifully and HD friendly;
  3. No cakeyness;
  4. Longevity (Lasts up to 24 hours) and
  5. Lightweight feel !

If you are a bride who does not like the look or the feel of foundation, airbrush foundation is an excellent choice for you to try on your wedding day. If you still want to go with the traditional foundation, make sure to use a liquid or cream foundation and be light handed, as it can be well blended with a foundation brush. Try no to use your fingers, this will cause streaks to show up in photos. Mineral foundations are a favorite of a lot of brides, but we would advise you to stay away from these popular product as it has many reflective properties and thus does not photograph well with the new high definition cameras.  You may end up looking like a disco ball when the flash is involved! Our makeup artists only use liquid foundations or airbrush foundations so that you have the best photographs you can on your wedding day.

Having your eye makeup well blended is another important step to having a natural look. To get a defined, yet romantic and natural look, you should make sure that everything, from the shadow to the liner, is blended well so that there are no corners or lines.  The blush will vary depending on your skin tone, but you should also make sure that it well blended with no harsh lines. This will help your cheeks look like you have spent a little time in the sun, or that they have just been pinched.

Lipstick works best for a natural look on your wedding day. Gloss tends to be shiny and thus does not photograph as well as lipstick. Gloss also does not hold pigment well for a long event, thus means the pictures at the end of your wedding may not be as stunning as the pictures at the beginning of your wedding. An important tip about your lip shade, you should pick a lip shade that you like but then go a level up from that one, so that it shows up in photographs. One thing to be mindful of is that one-third of makeup typically disappears in photographs. You should be mindful of this, so that when you look at your pictures after your honeymoon you can look forward to seeing the most beautiful pictures of your dream day. Our staff at Tres Belle know all the tips and tricks when it comes to giving you a natural look for your wedding day. So if you want a natural look but are not quite sure you could pull it off, then consider letting a professional help you achieve the look you have dreamed of for years. Our staff will help you create the look you want so that you have one less thing to worry about on the day of your wedding.

Written by:

Barbara Frazier

Assistant Planner and Coordinator|

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