Want Flowers at Your Wedding? Here’s How

Flowers are expected to be seen at every wedding whether it be your wedding or a wedding you attend. Flowers have a lot of different meanings other than just looking pretty in vases and on tables. Each color of the flower portrays a certain mood and tone to the weddings. But how to add flowers without being overly obvious.

  1. Flowers on the Tables

Not just with your centerpieces, but you can add flowers to each plate as a token of gratitude or add pressed flowers to the table to act as confetti. Flattened flowers will work better as they are dried, so the trick is to keep them for a longer period of time. As an added bonus, they take up less room on the table if you’re struggling for space.

  1. Aisle Flowers

The trend last year seemed to have trees down the aisles and this year it is also a trend, but there is nothing stopping you from covering your aisle with your favorite flower petals. Petals are known to be nature’s confetti, so use them wisely. Another unique way to incorporate flowers is to give out flowers to people as you pass them.

  1. Add Flowers to Your Hair

It can be a simple flower in your hair or it can be an intricate floral headband on top of your head. Brides have always looked amazing with flowers in their hair. INo color in your scheme? Then add a peachy flower petal to your hair and that will make things pop. Roses always look good on people, but did you ever think to try a tiger lily? I bet you can pull it off.

  1. Decorate the Outside of Your Venue

Many people tend to focus on the inside of their venues, but they forget to add some decoration to the outside of their venues. By adding some floral decorations to the outside of your venue will be another way to make people remember your venue and your wedding over everyone.

  1. Arch Ways

Both outside and inside you can find creative ways to use floral arch ways. The arch can be outside as people walk into the venue, or you can have one at the altar and get married below it. The best part of the archway is the wide variety of flowers that you can use to decorate it with. You can even get really super creative and use vine type plants such as roses or ivy.

  1. Floral Wedding Dresses

You can use them as gorgeous decorations on your wedding dress! Flowers won’t last forever so you must bear that in mind, but if you get them fresh on the day of your wedding they will last. Depending on how creative you are, you can go for a small bunch on the front or absolutely cover yourself in them. But if you suffer from hay fever this is not advised.

  1. Wedding Vehicles covered in Flowers

The way a bride arrives is always different so it could be a car, motorcycle or a horse and carriage, and any of these could be decorated with flowers. There are many unique ways to incorporate flowers into your wedding and you can be as creative as you want or you can hire someone to help you to find the ways to incorporate them.


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