Little Known Wedding Venues

Obvious thoughts of venues come to mind when thinking of your most ideal venue, but I ask you to peel back the outer layer and look a little deeper to find unique wedding venues, and at times, inexpensively.

One of the places you may never have thought to look at is the Treehouse Camp at Maple Tree, treehouseIt has been mentioned in other blogs that a brides are able to rent the whole campground for the entire weekend! What a great way to enjoy the site with yourselves and your guests!

I also came across a blog where another bride wrote about the The Bowman Restaurant on Hartford Road, the-bowman-bar-area

This venue is known for reasonable prices with good food selections.

The third place that brides have said to be a little known wedding venue is Columbus Gardens in Perry, MD, Most have said the venue has some of the best food around! The total price comes out to about $27 per person.CG

Tres Belle looks forward to working with these little known venues in the near future.

~Barbara Frazier, Tres Belle’s Assistant Planner and Coordinator

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