Bear in Mind Your Selection of Wedding Colors


Magazines out there have the new latest color trends and ways to mix certain colors together, but do not be drawn in by all the pictures. Sometimes these trendy colors may not be right for you on your wedding day. You should pick colors that you would not mind seeing for the rest of your life. A picture lasts forever, will your love of the trendy colors?

Sometimes you may love so many colors that it is hard to pick just one that you love over all the others. Do yourself a favor and keep it simple. You do not need to have tons of colors because too much color tend to make things look disorganized and chaotic. The general rule is to stick to 2-3 colors that you love. But do not choose an oversaturated color combo. If you love a bright pink choose a softer more muted color like light brown. The muted color will help the bright color pop but not be so bright to “hurt” to look at. If you love two colors pick a third color that is between the two colors. The third color will help tone down the two colors and it adds a visual interest to the two main colors.

When it comes to colors people often forget about textures, but they are an excellent way to add a unique touch to any wedding. Finally, try to not pick predictable colors that most brides are doing but also do not go to crazy with your colors. Remember, keep in mind that looking back to your wedding album you want still be in love with the colors chosen.

~Barbara Frasier, Tres Belle’s Assistant Planner and Coordinator

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