Spray Tanning: The Better Alternative

Wedding season often peaks between May through August, and these are also the prime tanning summer months. Most brides desire to have a natural pre-wedding glow without the fear of looking unnatural or orange-colored in their wedding-day pictures. At Tres Belle Beauty, we are aware that many women are hesitant about tanning beds or even spray tans, and we would like to address some of your concerns.

If you are a winter bride, and you are comfortable with using a tanning bed, they may be a potential option for you. However, if it would be your first time at a tanning salon, you may be able to locate a salon that offers free trials or other discounts without needing to commit to recurring appointments. Please note that tanning beds have different levels, and we would recommend a minimal start of a “Level 1”setting. This minimal level is less expensive, and it allows for a natural-looking gradual tan.

So, here are a few thoughts about spray tanning. Spray tanning tends to be a quick and easy process that lasts for about to 7-10 days.

Spray tanning is also affordable and the process typically does not cause an orange look or give off a bad odor.

Jaclyn Currie, Owner of A Glow 2 Go and newest Tres Belle Beauty Team Member
Photo Credit: York Daily Record/Sunday News — Mike Zortman

Tanning salons have trained professionals who will work with your skin tone on an individual basis to achieve the wedding glow you desire. For brides, or anyone looking to boost their summer or “winter tan,”this is a great option, and would be our recommendation at Tres Belle Beauty to prep for your bridal makeup application.

With the variety of tanning options, we feel that spray tanning for brides enables a bride to achieve a pre-wedding glow while protecting your skin from any long-term potential skin damage from sun tanning or tanning beds.

~Lindsey Woodrow, Makeup Artist


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